Friday, February 15, 2008

Super Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day around our house is usually marked by me putting up small displays of hearts and flowers and saved artwork from our kids.
I traditionally make heart shaped cookies and treats to share with friends and neighbors, and Bernie and I exchange cards and maybe a small gift, or he gives me flowers.
This year he was inspired!

While Laura and I shopped in India (so to speak...) he was out shopping!


"Wild make my heart sing!"

Apparently Tigs and Hart shopped too...there were cards from them as well.
"Princess Laura" got a two princess themed gifts, and a different balloon tied on her car as an early morning treat for her to take to work.
It is fun to get a surprise balloon at five a.m. in the morning....
Inside the cute kitty box was the perfect nightshirt for a girl who is working on speaking more foreign languages.
And liking a glass a wine as well.

The princess card had princess stickers inside!
The stickers went on Laura's hospital badge right away.

I got red leather driving gloves, a dragonfly mother of pearl pin, enormous "diamond" stud earrings, a grey scarf with beads and sparkles, and best of all, chocolate silk pajamas!

There he is, my sweetheart, looking proud and happy with his gift giving extravaganza!
And the fun has just begun.
He has planned a Valentine's Day getaway weeking for the two of us to a historic bed and breakfast in Nachitoches (pronounced Nick-o-tish) Louisiana. It is a very old and historic town; one of the French settlement towns in Louisiana.
We'll take a four hour long drive to get there, chatting and listening to music, enjoying the ride as we go.

We're leaving in a couple of hours...hope the forecasted rain won't be too bad.
If it is...well, I guess we'll just have stay inside the inn and snuggle.

Rain or shine, we're sure to have fun!


Lovella ♥ said...

OH Mr. B .. .you really did out do yourself.
Jill I'm hoping your fun will be wonderful and the weather holds up too. I saw forcasts for severe thunderstorms in those parts and so I hope you won't be drenched.
A get away is wonderful no matter what the weather.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Mr. B came through in Grand Style! I think Valentine's Day became Valentine's Week(end) for you!

So, I studied the pictures up close...didn't see the "enormous 'diamond' stud earrings" us the bling!

Have a fabulous time in Nachitoches! I'm looking forward to the pix!

Cristina de Prada - milliner said...

You girls are lucky!!! I hope you have a great time out there and knock everybodies socks off by wearing great hats!

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh dear .. just checked the weather and they are predicting severe weather .. .

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

You are one blessed lady! Hooray for Mr. B!

Yes, show us the bling....