Friday, February 08, 2008

Guest blogger

I'm trying to finish a hat right now. So I'm going to let Tiggie do my blog today. He posted this on his blog earlier this week and I thought it was really good information.
Keep it in mind the next time you feel like taking a little nap.


I think I should give my fellow cats some tips on napping.
Most cats instinctively know how to nap; but with a little thought and pre-planning you can move your napping experience from good to great.

First of all, consider your background. You want to look good while you nap. The people are less likely to try to move you when you are picturesque.
I occasionally take a nap on top of the oak roll top desk for instance.
It is out of the way, and my fur blends well with the oak tones and the texture of the desk top as well.

See what I mean?

Artlessly allow a bit of yourself to hang over the edge of the napping area. Spread out.
Own the napping area.

Once your body has found its niche, lay your head down on top of your mitts.

A glass paper weight is a great design element. Doesn't it look as though it has captured my dreams?
Now my little buddy Hart doesn't understand this nap setting decision making process at all.
He tends to just leap up to the top deck of the inside cat tree and zonk he is out cold.

He is a grey tuxedo cat you see; he thinks he is classy just because he is always in a tux. Right now he is also pretty proud of having a Valentine pink nose.

You see, the most important thing about taking a nap is being comfortable.
In this picture Hart is comfortable, but I am not.

Now this is better for me.

I can snooze, and also occasionally look outside and enjoy the view.

There is a lot more space in this area if I spread out on the diagonal.
I wrapped Hart's tail around my back knees to keep them warm as well.
This is a perfect position for a long afternoon nap.
I am now one very contented cat.

(Hart: How does this keep happening to me????)


Spooky said...

Hey, Tiggie. Besides looking picturesque while napping, it's also important to nap where you will not get stepped on or sat upon. Personally, depending on my mood and the noise level around here, I prefer one of three napping places: under the bed, under the wingback chair, or inside the entertainment center. Of course, if Napper is napping, then cuddling with him takes precedence over all that.

Treater asked me to have you pass on to Blondie that she wants to see the hat when it is complete.

Hmmm...this puts me in the mood for an under-the-bed nap.


Lovella ♥ said...

Very Cute ...

So entertaining.

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Our 3 cats are also quite entertaining! Between them, the doofus dog Beau, the turtle, the 10 chickens and, too many to count, ducks, it is a veritable circus here!

Jane Carlstrom said...

Great guest commentary. Thanks Tiggie for filling in for Jill and allowing her millinery time.