Thursday, January 17, 2008

Actually, I could NOT have dance all night....

The closet clean out continues.
Laura helped me weed my shoe collection.


1. Do the shoes hurt?
2. Do the shoes make me look old lady?
3. Does seeing the shoe make Laura fall over with laughter?

If so, the shoes are history.

Farewell beautiful torture devices.

Farewell dreams of dancing the night away.

Farewell fond memories of one time events...the Alaskan cruise, the party in Newport, the ball in Chicago.

Farewell Christian Dior gorgeous velvety suede shoes.
Alas, I never was able to wear you at all.

Your soles are still unmarred by a single step.

Good bye Christian Dior with the needle like toes that in no way left room for my own toes.
Bye bye art inspired Modrian heel.

Hasta la vista shiny satin and diamond high heel sandals so perfect for going out for Indian food.
Oh these shoes were the perfect match for the 25th anniversary dress. I remember well clutching Bernie's arm as we walked together, as each step nearly shattered my feet.

Laura said I could keep these if Bernie and I would promise to go salsa dancing. There's a promise I couldn't keep. I bought these shoes as a tribute to a role model who always had wild shoes and a level head.
The little platform sole and HIGH red satin heel made me feel like a wild and lively woman.
Who needed to stay seated while wearing them. still are my favorite shoe designer. My feet have grown since I finally was able to acquire one of you master pieces. Maybe one day I will own one of your shoes again.

Oh Anne...I really hoped we could be friends. But seriously, friends shouldn't cripple friends feet. Even China stopped doing that almost a century ago.

Delicious times were had in these shoes...ball gowns and cruise ships, galas and cocktail parties.
And mega doses of Tylenol and ice packs the morning after.
(Laura said the bead work made my feet look fuzzy.)
If the truth be known, I would be wise to spend my money on shoes which are just perfect to wear to places like this:

Such events are more common in my life than galas and balls and cocktail parties.

I've discovered these shoes...SAS they are called, and they are perfect for 95% of my events.
Work. Grocery shopping. Doctor appointments. Bible Study. Mall shopping. Traveling.
They are hand made in San Antonio, Texas of the softest leather, and have precision sizing. TOTALLY comfortable. I own them in four colors. A bit old lady-ish, but at least I can walk without a cane when I am wearing them. And they look fine with pants.
Except for my Uggs, snow boots, hiking boots and shorty dress boots now ALL my shoes fit on the shelf above my clothes rack.
I have NO idea what I would wear with my formal gowns.
I guess I'll just cross my fingers and hope for shopping mercies to come upon me should the need for such shoes ever arise again.


Anonymous said...

Don't you feel relieved that those torture devices are history?! I know I did the day I decided being short and comfortable was much better than tottering around in 4-inch heels and being in sheer agony...usually while carrying a young'un on my hip. What was I thinking, anyway?

Lovella ♥ said...

Ah, good to have you back up and running.
Oh, I loved enlarging the picture to have a better look at the shoes. I smiled at the comfy ones in the top left. I had a pair like that once too. Yes, I'm not allowed to wear them either.

So, are you going to see them on ebay? Maybe you can do some hat swaps.

You obviously have a little higher ceilings than we do. Those shelves are above your clothes rack? Wow.
Good job on that organizing and cleaning out.

Marie Christopher said...

Feetsie freedom! It's the best!!!

A Lady said...

And, Yes, I still stand by each decision to ditch each one. Can we say "Shoe shopping coming right up?" The thrill of the chase is tried and true, and I have no objections to finding just the right shoe for just the right occasion. Despite the fact I may only ever wear them once. "Disposable shoes." Yes, admittedly I am a product of my own generation. Sigh.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Those are some beautiful, I mean torture devices!

What you kept is very organized and tidy - congratulations on your hard work. And Laura's.

Jane Carlstrom said...

Oh dear! my keyboard is sticckking from the droooooling. Beautiful shoes- been there, done that. It was painful, tossing memories and beauty - even if painful to wear. LOL

Hmmm, if Laura ever gets a temp position in Bemidji, she can come live here free for organization advise and assistance. : D

You all are doing great.

Anonymous said...

I am so inspired! I can't bring myself to part with so many of my horribly painful shoes, many of which I too can't wear long without discomfort. But, they're so cute...and you never know when you're going to have the perfect outfit for them....

I need a Laura!

Kathy said...

I saw the first pictue and hoped these weren't the shoes that made your daughter laugh because I really like lots of them. Then came the explaination. I tell LK that high heals were invented by the devil - ouch. Didn't feel that way years ago. Oh well, at my age it's better to be able to BE lively than LOOK lively - eh?

zorra said...

I bought a pair of SAS shoes to wear when we went to Italy, and they were perfect for all that walking. But one lovely day in Tuscany, my own beloved husband said, "When we get home, and we go someplace where people know us...please don't wear those shoes."

And I haven't.

L&D said...

Such a shame to have the lovely devices be rid of. Sigh. I'm a shoe girl, what can I say?! I'm all about the heels. I just am. It's in my blood. I felt like this blog post was a shoe funeral.

RIP shoes. RIP.

Cristina de Prada - milliner said...

Wow, what a lot of beautiful shoes... why is it that the nicer they are the more pain they tend to inflict?
I have one idea for you. My mom has her favorite suede shoes that she cannot wear any more on the living room side table. Standing there like a beautiful sculpture.
I love the Mondrian inspired heel ones, why not just exhibit them somewhere!

PhantomMinuet said...

Hi, I'm Min. I wandered over here from Jane's blog (glorioushats). I know how you feel about your shoes. I adore shoes, but I have way too many that absolutely kill me. I think I shall take a page from your blog and do a purge this weekend.