Wednesday, May 23, 2007

And to see the Alps

Germany was HOT... and we made a rookie error: We walked all over Mannheim with our backpacks instead of checking them at the station.
Heidelberg was wonderful, and today Kate and I bought Swiss embroidered lace by the bagful. Creativity abounds in our imagination. I'm taking pictures, and can't wait to share all the "doings." You'll have to be patient, as I don't want to tell the story without the pictures! Kate has posted some pictures on her blog though.
This is our last night in St. Gallen. Tomorrow we will take the Glacier Express across the Swiss Alps, an 8 hr train ride. I'm looking forward to relaxing as the scenery streams by; the last few days I have been racing on foot towards all the wonderful things to see.
I don't think I've missed much, but I wouldn't' mind coming back.
Like in January, when it is cooler!

I won't be blogging again until I return home next Thursday.


Lovella ♥ said...

Aufwierdersein my friend.

put on your lederhosen and yodel a duet with Bernie. Take a video so we can see.

Becky said...

Your traipsing about the Alps makes me long for a vacation! Heat? I never really envisioned Germany to get that hot in May!? BUT you, being from Texas 'n all, should be used to that, ain't tha' right? (horrible at accents! sorry but I just can't resist trying!). Enjoy the remainder of your adventure! (and am anxiously looking forward to seeing evidence of it in the form of pictures!)

Julie said...

Oh, Swiss embroidered lace???
Can you bring me some??
Sounds like you are having a wonderful time... I'm happy for you!!
Can't wait to hear the story and pictures when you are back.

Frank's Girl said...

What a wonderful vacation, and yes, I want to see ALL your pictures.
What a wonderful time you seem to have had. Enjoy! The library is still here for you when you get back!


Demara said...

I can't wait to see the pictures Jill!! Wow! You're travelling makes me want to do some IS real HOT here right now though too, so I shouldn't want more RIGHT nOW! So Jill I just wanted to let you know that I've changed some things and thought you might like to know that I've found FACEBOOK to be awesome for Photo albums...SOooo I remember you loved cats and...

I have changed a lot over there at my E-place so when you get a chance come on down and check out my "Photo Album" page and see our cats (Rufio, Salsa, and Nacho) I think you'll really enjoy it!!!

ttyl and sys

I'm off to a birthday party at Montana's, now!!! l8ers