Monday, September 10, 2007


It occurred to me the other day that I know exactly three people who do not have any extended family where they live.
Everyone else that I know has parents, children, cousins, nieces/nephews, aunts, brothers, sisters etc. close enough that they can drop by for a meal at the spur of the moment.

In my family a "drop by for dinner" involves airline reservations, and time zone adaptation.

This past week my dad attended a reunion of the Destroyer Escort ship that he served on during World War II. He saw people he had not seen in 60 years! The reunion was held in Covington Kentucky. Mom went to the reunion too, and on their way home back to San Diego, Mom and Dad flew through Houston to have some time with Bernie and me.

Mom was out last February; I hadn't seen Dad since last December!

Boy, is it good to have them "dropping by" for dinner!
(Thanks Lovella for the Mexican Meatball recipe and menu. It was a hit!)

After a nice catch up last night, we got up this morning, had Blueberry LowFat Scones (thanks again Lovella...)

We then headed downtown Houston to see the "Lucy" exhibit at the Houston Natural History Museum.
I'm not much of a one to be excited about evolution propaganda, but the museum did a great job featuring Ethiopia and the area where "Lucy" was found. (Lucy is the name for the bone fragments that were put together to show a upright walking primate, allegedly "proof" of evolution.)
Dad is interested in archeology, and animals in general, so he requested the trip, and I was more than happy to take them down town for the exhibit.
Dad accommodated my desire to visit the fabulous High Fashion Fabric. Mom was pleased as punch to see the store after all that I had told her about the out of this world fabric selection. Above is part of the collection of velvets.

Dad wandered around for awhile, amazed at store, then found clerks to tease and joke with.

How about this gorgeous fabric?

I really, really loved that fabric!
I really, really couldn't afford that fabric for anything that would make sense with my current lifestyle.
(Yes, that is right...the brown lace fabric is going for five HUNDRED and thirty five dollar a YARD!!!!)
If I happen to discover that I am royalty or a movie star who is up for an Oscar, I might change my mind and swing by to pick up a few yards.
Wouldn't it make a great frock to wear to a Thanksgiving Ball?

Here's a close-up of one of the motifs. Hand sewn in France. Gorgeous. Drool.

I thought this trim would be nice for a winter ball gown. At $69.99 a yard, I could perhaps put a touch around a cuff or neckline.
I got a little velveteen for making cap beaks/bills, and then we headed over to Otto's Barbeque.
Otto's is famous in Houston as it is the barbeque house that former President George and Barbara Bush enjoyed so much they used to have it shipped to the White House.
The personal letters on the wall from the Bush's are pretty humorous.
Gotta love Barbara and George as folk.
FYI: Texas Barbeque: Beef ribs.
The rest of the country uses pork ribs.
A super day...
Tomorrow we'll go for a walk in the woods, to see if we can see some of the fabulous spiders.
Love those spiders!
(That's Bernie's hand about two inches behind the spider, picture taken last week.)
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Anonymous said...

Eww...I was doing fine and enjoying my quick tour of Houston...until I got to the spider, that is! *shivers*

No, really, I was still in shock from the price on the brown lace! The bead, sequin, and stitch work looks like a doable project...tedious, but doable.

How nice to have your folks drop in! I know you were thrilled to be able to hug them! I live 850 miles from my mother, and my nearest relative (a sister) is about 700 miles from here. *sigh* And my DH actually came home from work last week asking if I'd like to move back to Texas - even farther from our families!!

Kate said...

Oh! (sigh) Looking forward to seeing High Fashion again - perhaps in late October. K Q:-)

Lovella ♥ said...

Hi there . .Jill's Mom and Dad. I feel like I had them over for dinner. I'm glad the recipe was a hit and now I'm feeling bad that I didn't offer you a glass of milk to go with yours.
Oh that fabric store makes me drool too, I had to swallow several times.

Those spiders are so amazing. Thanks Bernie for the visual measurement of that spider.

It looks like you had a great time.

Julie said...

Oh, Jill, I would so LOVE to visit that high fashion fabric store -- but only if you can guarentee that I can do so without running into that spider...Your spider's are truly Texas legend size!!!

Most of our high fashion fabrics stores have closed here in Vancouver and it is getting harder and harder to get really good fabric...
The most expensive fabric I have sewn with was somewhere in the 5-600.00 dollar range. The garment was not for me!! :-(
I have handled fabric that was 1,000.00 a yd. A friend of mine made a coat from it.
Beyond my budget!!!!! smile

I know I don't always remember to be thankful that my parents have always lived less than a half hour car ride from me, as well as all my siblings until a couple of years ago when my youngest brother moved to Dawson Creek. (13 hour drive away)
And being so far away from your parents as they get older must get harder and harder for you, Jill.
I'm so glad you were able to enjoy this visit with them!!
I think you favor your dad in facial features, do you ??

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Oh Julie, I would love to see what $1,000 a yard fabric looks like.
It is so addictive to look at the expensive fabrics as art. I really have little desire to actually wear the fabric. The thought of cutting the fabric just pains me.
I think I do look a bit like dad...

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

What a wonderful blessing for you to have your parents still in this world, and that they came for a quick visit! My dad was also in the navy in WWII, on destroyers, in the South Pacific. Wonder if they ever met?

So much gorgeousness in your post: gorgeous fabric, gorgeous cloud formations, gorgeous barbeque, and even the spider is gorgeous in his own way, but creepy too!

I'd love to visit the factory where the workers hand sew all those sequins and beads onto that sheer!

Becky said...

You have a couple of young parents there, Jill! That they travel and get around so well is a blessing!
Looks like you exposed them to a variety of sights ~ from beef ribs to French lace! Such a tour!
Hope you have a blessed time with them, and say, "hi" from your Canadian friend!