Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Berries, blooms, kitty boys, and bonnets

I've been slacking off on my posting, and I still haven't done the last three days in Canada, but I decided to do some catch up on random pictures from around here.

First of all, the Beauty Berries are now magenta colored throughout the woods.
Floral shops sell the branches with the leaves stripped off, leaving the berries as clustered knots.
I'll probably post a few more shots of these later, as the berries color continues to intensify throughout September.

Along the road to my college there are fields of this flower/plant.

I caught a "lovebug" in the middle of this flower. Lovebugs are a drag, as they hook up with other lovebugs and fly around connected, hence the name. They can really get thick around gas stations for some reason, and they stick to whatever they land on.
Even the fact that they have almost a heart shaped dot on their back does not make me think any kinder of them.
No PDA's, please!

While I was in Canada Bernie had to go out of town.
Which meant that Uncle Scott came to visit.
He left Tiggie and Hart a new toy....
...a snake for the boys. It is a soft velour fabric tube on a clear wand, and boy can Tiggie get some air when the snake is flying around.
I'm not sure who has more fun with it, Bernie or Tiggie.

My orchids in the kitchen continue to bloom nicely...
...and my brand new African Violet (new in January) has bloomed with surprisingly large blossoms.

See how much smaller these blooms are on another plant?

I do love a variegated leaf on an African violet. This one blooms in bands, like two lines of flowers going across the plant.

Whereas this one blooms in cluster formation. These violets are around my garden jacuzzi tub, which overlooks my back yard. It's a nice place to hang out and enjoy a glass of wine and the fall color change or the spring time azaleas.

I just finished this hat this morning. Another Daphne style, it is going to Virginia, my co-worker, who has now successfully completed her chemo, and is now, at the very end of all the chemo, finally going sans hair.
I promised her I would make her a hat if she needed one.
Actually, I chided her for NOT needing a hat for so long.
I figured if she needed to wear a hat at work, then I could wear a hat a work, and maybe everyone at work would want to start wearing a hat in solidarity with Gin.
(Her chemo blog is on my side bar, but she has another blog somewhere called "Gin in the Library, Don't tell". How funny is that?)
The top of the hat is a treat provided by Lovella. When we visited the quilt shop in her little town, there was a table full of yardage pieces being sold by the kilo. Lovella threw my selections in with her fabric purchase, so Virginia's hat has a touch of love from Lovella in it too.
I thought the fabric with four circles like the top of this hat was very cool. Each circle was a variation of the look, and Virginia selected this particular panel.
She wasn't at work on Tuesday as she developed blood clots (a chemo related issue), so she hasn't seen it yet.
But my other co-worker Hope saw the hat, and immediately said the hat looks like Virginia, so that is a good sign.
(Those are peacock hurls clustered behind the button bouquet on the side of the upturned brim.Just in case you were wondering...)
Here's another view.
I'll try to get one with Virginia wearing it if I can.
A few weeks ago I posted a link to a pattern on another blog for a cap.
I finally found some fabric that I liked and some time to make it up.
Just finished it this afternoon.
The bill/beak is made from black velveteen.
Velveteen is SO messy to work with. I've got little black specks from it everywhere in the house now.
I got enough fabric to make this cap several times over, and I think I will do just that.
This first try is just a bit snug, and I think I'd like to position the print a little differently next time.
(And figure out how not to have velveteen specks go all over the house....any suggestions are welcomed!)
It is such an easy pattern, and looks so cute on that my brain is racing with ideas for making more of the caps.
Stay tuned on that one!

(PS: Do a good deed: The pattern only requires 1/4th of a yard of fabric. If you don't have a sewing machine, it wouldn't be too hard to even tackle sewing the hat by hand.
If you have a problem with fabric addiction, this may be the way out for you.
First, admit you are powerless over your addiction.
Second, Sew up a bunch of these caps and donate them to your nearest cancer treatment center.
Get together with some friends who share your addiction. Have them bring some of their stash, and their sewing machines. Mix and match your fabrics to create some really great hats.
Tell the truth: Don't you have several stashes of left over fabric that you don't really know what to do with anyway? Get creative, have fun, and donate!)

Tiggie isn't planning on staying tuned or sewing anything.
Chasing the snake just wore him out.
Good boy Tiggie! You wear the same outfit everyday anyway.
No fabric addiction problems here!

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I just love Virginia's hat! What a beautiful design!

Your African violets are so nice, too. I'm afraid mine are beginning to overtake my house! They're getting so big (I guess they're happy!).

Ahh...lovebugs in Texas. I don't look forward to May and September in Florida - we get thick swarms of them, and they even get into the house.

Anonymous said...

The hat for Gin is glorious! And the obvious love and care it demonstrates from you and Lovella makes it positively glow. You've got a great eye, and Gin has a great friend.

Kate said...

Love your fabric combination on the Daphne. Hope it makes Gin feel much better. How could it not?

I laughed out loud at Tiggie and the snake! K Q:-)

Julie said...

I don’t like your lovebugs…there oughta be a law…..
Your orchids and African Violets are beautiful….I love orchids but can never get them to blossom for me. My thumb is every color but green!!

I do pray that Virginia has victory over the cancer!!
And I love the word play “Gin in the Library! Don’t tell!” Priceless !
Virginia’s hat is beautiful….she’ll be proud to wear it and the ‘hat solidarity’ pact is a great idea !! And perhaps even put your library on the map !! You’ll have to post a photo for sure, if your library becomes ‘hatted’ !!
Speaking of fame….. Andrea Peterson who is your 2007 “Teacher of the Year” is Vince- my son-in-law’s cousin!!

I also like your velvet brim hat…..and I have a perfect solution – in all my years of sewing, the only one that works-- for keeping velvet specks out of our house!!!
Don’t sew with velvet !! smile

Informative and fun post as usual….. I think I am going to make myself the velvet brimmed hat…I’ve been looking for a good pattern for a brimmed hat.

Have a great day, Jill !!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Thanks for the tip Julie! If the only way to keep velvet specks out of my house is to not sew with velvet in my house, then can I come over to your house when I need to sew with velvet????
Seems like a solution to me...
Please post a picture if you do make up the hat!

Julie said...

Well, I guess that is another solution to velvet specks in your house, simply moving over to my house !!
Oh, OK, I guess a few more specks in my house won't matter. You may come..and yes I'll serve the tea --but it may have some velvet specks in it!!! You know how they fly about!!! haha!!
And yes I'll post a photo of the hat !!

Lovella ♥ said...

You did a great job on making that fabric into a hat. I just remember the glint in your eye when you saw it.
I do also agree with Julie on Virginia's battle. She'll be proud to wear the hat, I'm sure.

Your orchids and violets are just amazing. Oh, they must love the warm damp climate. I have a fake orchid bloom stuck in the real orchid pot. Not wanting to bloom? I buy blooms.

Becky said...

Virginia's hat is wonderfully unique, and oh, so colourful! I am sure it will brighten her days ~ great job of sewing! Your violets are beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Jane Carlstrom said...

WOW! Both hats are wonderful. And what a great idea for the cap from curiouslycrafty!

Have so enjoyed reading your blog, being enlightened and encouraged by your loving spirit and ways of sharing that when I got tagged for a round of random and wierd facts decided you just had to be one of the blogger I would tag. Would love to have some of my other online buds get to become regular readers here too.

Anyway tag, You Are It. More info about rules/game on my blog.


Unknown said...

I did a google search on Wolahi and found your blog. My mom went to Camp Wolahi in Julian, California in the 1930s, and sang this song to us as a lullaby:

When shadows fall, and campfires gleam
We'll think of Wolahi and what it means.
Deep in our hearts, we'll never forget
Wolahi the camp of our dreams.