Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Booger blogger!

Just to let you know that the pictures of the last post of our trip to Jungfrau have been appearing and disappearing at will all day today. Yesterday my side bar appeared and disappeared randomly. Grrr...
I'm going to give it 48 hrs to settle down before I tinker with re-posting the pictures. I suspect Blogger is up to something...LA is reporting odd Blogger behavior, and if LA gets hit, Texas usually isn't far behind.
Meanwhile, take a peek over at the HatsbyKatrinka link. She has a Youtube up with a video with the sounds of the the St. Gallen church bells AND the area bird singing. The bird's singing are relatives of Henri!
Well worth the visit, click here and here to listen in.


Julie said...

hi Jill, loved the Amsels' song and the church bells....
and yes. the photos in your last post are fading in and out like the clouds over the Yungfrau!!

Hopefully the problem will resolve itself quickly!!

Lovella ♥ said...

So glad I had a peek between the clouds. Indeed the fog has at this moment completely enveloped the tram as we are hoisted up the mountain. I do hope that it resolves itself. I feel so sorry for all the work that you've put into these posts only to have the problems after. double grrr.

Kate said...

I know!! Just when we get dependent on this hi tech stuff it goes kabloooooie on us. I've been wrestling with my Bernette 90e today and am SO depressed that my first brand new sewing machine was this cheap Chinese version of the Swiss technology. It's kaput again. Never again! (sigh)

Also, can't post comments on Dress a Day. Who knows? Perhaps I am persona non grata? But why? Hopefully your issue will be resolve soon. Otherwise, come on over to Typepad. Have had no issues so far there.
Kate Q:-)