Wednesday, March 07, 2007

On March 7, 1980

I got my "Baby Boy" flower.
Laura got her baby brother.
And we became a Foursome on Foursome Dr.
There were four generations
And we thanked God that we had a son.
On Jeff's birthday while he was in second grade he wrote this:
Happy Birthday Jeff!
*See more pictures from Jeff's life here.


Lovella ♥ said...

Happy Birthday Jeff from Canada. I imagine you can feel your mom's pride. The little snippets of you revealed throughout her posts have such smiles embedded into them. The picutre slide show seems like it could be Anytown North America.
Jill, I love the pictures, . . . from one mom of sons to another. Enjoy your memories and the future with your Jeffery.

Marie Christopher said...

How wonderful! Our babies share a birthday --- my baby turned 40 today. She is my beautiful little girl still! And always will be. My oldest little girl turns 42 on March 17th, another also gorgeous little girl. They hate it when I say that!
Between the two of my babies, they gave me six grandchildren (five girls and one boy) and one great-granddaughter. I am so grateful!