Thursday, January 11, 2007


The definition of narcissistic is (briefly stated) being concerned only with one's self.

So, to avoid that label being firmly attached to this blog, here's the one and only incomparable fabulous KATE!

Kate is modeling her next to newest hand felted hat.

Isn't it awesome!

She's the milliner/legal secretary/on-Broadway actress who was stuck with me in Bayou City (AKA Houston) for many years, unable to indulge her creative genius in felt.

When humidity reins, straw's the game.

Now she's in Switzerland, and creating with a new motto: Let the wool roving roll!

You can see her other marvelous creations here.

She is also my millinery instructor, and I miss her so much!

And speaking of me....
ahem, cough.

Narcissistic behavior can be controlled with medication.
Add to to-do list: Call doctor. Get prescription for narcissism for the entire blogging community!

I have been cracking the whip on myself to dutifully heed my to-do list.

Since summer I have promised I would weed my wardrobe. Specifically during winter break.

Texas is known for its bigness, and closets here are the same size as the bedroom my daughter grew up in.
8 foot by 8 foot walk-in closets are considered painfully small.

It is easy to hang on to stuff.

For the first 25 years of my married life I had a wall closet that was just under six feet long.

Of course I also had a job description of "Mom" and part time jobs that required only jeans and tee shirt. I also had a couple of Sunday School and Party dresses.

Since then I have changed cities three times, and jobs have ranged from Law Librarian for a major oil company, to a database trainer who instructed Senior Law partners around the SW USA. I bought clothes to fit the uptight legal settings.

Now I'm college based, and again, part time, in an environment that requires me to look professional, yet approachable, and comfortable, and able to withstand temperature variations ranging from finger numbing cold to sauna-wanna-my-swimsuit hot.
(Darn that building's temperature control issues!)

I have resolved to make my wardrobe sensible. EVERYTHING must
1. Feel good on.
2. Look good on.
Anything that makes me feel like it is just "OK" is out. Ditto anything that makes me fidget due to fitting issues.

The best way to edit a wardrobe is with a trusted friend.
Kate would have been perfect, but alas, that is not possible.

The next best thing is to take pictures of things that "work." In this case, I'm taking pictures of what scarves go with what shirts.

(I'm always trying to remember/find accessories at the last minute and tearing up my closet in the process. And making myself late because whatever I was aiming for *didn't work* )

The plan is to photo accessories with outfits.
Scarves seem to help give a professional punch to shirts I can wear with jeans the rest of the time.
Now I know which scarf goes with which sweater or shirt. Ta-da!
Print up a photo, slap in a book as a memory aid and maybe I will be better organized.

Mostly I am wrestling with the concept of "accent" verses "match."

Sometimes match makes sense. Like this aqua shirt and multi-aqua/blues scarf.

Other times match is dull. No pop-whiz-bang look.

It goes against my grain to match yellowish green with a plum color, yet that is exactly what is striking in the first picture.

Posted by Picasa Blah blouses work with great scarves.
And there are a lot of scarves on sale right now. Great silks by noted designers, for on-sale tee shirt prices.

My mom knitted this scarf.
Now I will remember it is an option with this sweater.
The best part of this scarf game is I can wear a simple cotton turtleneck, slip on a scarf that is knotted in the front... this, and weirdly, people turn to me and say how nicely I am dressed.

Imagine, getting compliments from people who don't even know me, for wearing a comfy plain old cotton turtleneck and slacks!

I could understand compliments from the folks around the house who usually see me in pj's or running suits most days.
They would have reason to comment on my tidy ensemble.

(And yes, pj's all day sometimes. Only around my DH, of course!)

I've dressed in Spring colors since the 1980's.
Yellow based, lots of lime green, corals, browns.

My hair has turned from golden blond to white blond, naturally, and my facial tones have faded as well.
Suddenly bright yellow and coral colors look not so good. Grey now works better than beige.

I've not had any grey in my wardrobe ever.
Now I kind of like it.

Posted by Picasa A grey hat. On sale...yes, I will take it, thank you very much!


Lovella ♥ said...

How clever of you. The only closet left to de clutter in my house is my "6 foot" clothing closet. I've opened it up and shut it at least 20 times with the idea that it makes life more exciting if I can have a treasure hunt before leaving the house for the day. Perhaps I'll go now and tackle it.

Kate said...

Ah yes, scarves! Love 'em. Have added a lot of them since I got here...partly because they are great beginner knitting projects...partly because there are so many great scarves and shawls around. Have to STOP myself. Yes, I DO miss my Texas size closet. Closets don't exist buy a shrank (cupboard) and try to make do.

That grey chapeau is fabulous. Change is good eh? Sometimes we have to remind ourselves.

Thanks for your generoug plug too!

BTW: Will be in Texas for almost a week in Feb. - possibly available for wardrobe or other issues. K Q:-)

Lovella ♥ said...

I left you a comment this morning and perhaps it didn't go through. What I said is that it is quite clever of you to create your own personal clothing advisor for quick wardrobe decisions. No wardrobe malfunctions for you. I thought maybe I would get around to organizing my last closet . . that being my clothing, but alas it never happened today. There is always tomorrow.