Friday, June 23, 2006

Millinery: In the Pink

Two full days of stitching. First time I've made fuschias and this style of rose.
My left arm got sore from the work!
I just got a "hankering" (a word I heard an old Texan use today) to work in pink. The vintage glass berries were found in Rice Village Universal Fabric store. They are like the berries on one of the hats my Mom wore when I growing up...I loved the quiet jingle sound the berries used to make. I still have a way to go, plus block a straw hat. Must decide color before I order the blank hat body~pink, rose, berry, ice?
And make more filler leaves and stuff.

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Kate said...

Oh YUM! Love the fuschia. I have the real thing growing in my window boxes...actually frying now that it is hot here in midday. Hope they spring back in the Fall (heh heh heh). Better find a good ribbon source here. xxx K Q:-)

Jessica Janus said...

Great blog, I thoroughly enjoyed your hat photos. This ribbon concoction is so cute and has inspired to repair one of my vintage finds which was unfortunately squished in the bottom of the 'cheap box' at the thrift shop. Thanks too for the tip, hopefully I won't need it but...this is me we're talking about :-)