Thursday, June 15, 2006

Blown modems and perfect hats

It's June 15th tonight.

Flag day (June 14th) was spent BORED TO DEATH at the library. Most fun was getting updates via cell phone about the duck and five baby ducks that showed up on my Mom's doorstep on her birthday. Easter bunny, birthday duck????

Thanks to all my friends who emailed mom!

I am still using B.'s slow typing laptop, so no pictures,


I have spent about 3 hrs. on the phone with my cable provider, explained that we had a REALLY BIG STORM and my internet is down. FOR THREE HOURS I have been clicking through screens with the online support team, bought a new cable because "they" said I must have a bad cable

(cable might be bad? HUH? oh well, anything to make them happy...)


Me: Yes, I said that already a few times.

THEM: OH, well, you probably have a blown modem then. We'll have a technician out to give you a new one.

Me: OK. Any idea when this might happen?


SO...I spent the day at home with the cats waiting for a technician, who never called or showed up.

Finished Gayle's hat, my first ever "commission", and it looks so great! (is it enough that I live near Humble, and so therefore I don't have to BE humble?)

And once the "technician" shows up, I will post a picture, of the hat from beginning, and done, and maybe on Gayle herself.

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Kate said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh yes! We can connect the world with fiberoptic cable but the REAL challenge is getting people to listen. We've been there too with Earthlink and SBC. K Q:-0