Saturday, May 05, 2007

Squirrel verses Tiggie, and we have a (cheap) date night

With the snake now out of the picture, the squirrel is perfecting his bird feeder dining skills.
Friday morning "Scamper the Snitch" was on the ground.
Tiggie made a bold move, and for the first time in the seven years he has lived here, he CAUGHT the squirrel"
The two of them rolled around in the mud, then they broke apart, stared at each other in shock, and then retreated to their usual spaces.

Tiggie came inside, covered with mud, and spent the morning washing up and giving us proud looks.
Maybe he secretly is part of the "catch and release" squirrel program.
That would be so like him.

The squirrel spent the morning screaming at Tiggie from a tree branch.
It got on our nerves after awhile, and we considered trying to go find the snake, and give it another shot at this particular critter.

Tiggie is keeping an eye on everything. And an eye is about all he is willing to offer, apparently, judging from the distance between him and the bird feeder.

Note that Hart did not get involved at all.
He had spent the night before keeping us up, so he was just trying to catch up on his sleep. Catching squirrels didn't interest him.
We kept finding him snoozing, and we'd toss him outside, but he kept sneaking back in.
Sometimes it is a really battle around here just to keep everything semi-normal.

By late afternoon things had settled down, we were out of milk, and I decided we should go on a date.
You know, "Friday Night Date Night?"

Between still being pretty tired from our Denver trip and Hart and all, going to get some milk sounded like about all I was up for.

But we rallied. Wearing matching white shirts and seer sucker bottoms (shorts for B., skirt for me) off we went, like a couple of dorks, to the store.
We knew they have wine tasting at the grocery store on Friday there's a romantic way to start the evening.

They even have cheese and crackers to go with the wine.
Lovely, lovely, lovely.
After that we did our weekly grocery shopping and headed home to unload our groceries.
But the fun wasn't over yet!
Bernie would like his own digital camera, so we each can have our own for an upcoming trip.
So we headed over the bridge to Best Buys to look at cameras.
While we were there, we took in a movie and got a massage.

The movie was something about camels in the wild or something.
We didn't stay for the ending.
The massage chairs were making us sleepy, and we still needed to drive home.
Cheap dates.
Yeah, they rock.


Lovella said...

I absolutely love this post.

You and Bernie obviously had a lot of fun. Who needs to pay exorbitant prices for tickets and full bottles and treats at the movies.

As usual Jill you look just spectacular in your hat. I chuckled when I read that you had matching seersucker and then you had me laughing when you called yourself dorks. Its what we say as well of ourselves . . sort of to preempt the kids beating us to it.

Otis & Indee said...

um . .you might want us to deal with the squirrel. No point in Tiggie getting a fur ball stuck in his craw. We're slightly held up on account of the passport for Indee, we're considerin' jumping the border since your yard is in desperate need of some controlin'.

Julie said...

I shared your post with my granddaughters when they were here today..and we all enjoyed it!! Loved the squirrel and Tiggie!too bad you didn't get a shot of the two looking at each other!
We even looked at the horrible snake photos too..(and were happy that there aren't any here!)
Sounds like you had a fun day!
A post well done!
PS. you asked about the ant stilts. here is the link I found the info on....

Laura said...

Tell Tigs he can stop gloating now. Rufus has caught himself 2 lizards! And Rufus does not believe in catch and release!
I am so glad you and Dad got to go out for a date! How sweet! It truly is about the little things in life! And isn't it wonderful to do the matchy-match thing? It just feels so good. I am proud of you both for making it out of the house!

Kathy said...

Those Cheap dates are often the most relaxing events. A sip of this and a dibble of that. Poking around in afew stores. Not giving too much thought or for that matter care as to what to wear. Ah, to be a dork at our age is a healthy thing! What fun. I needed the light heartedness of your post this morning. Enjoy the day. Kathy

see you there! said...

We need a squirrel catcher here. Eclipse (the resident cat) just looks at them and yawns.

Cheap dates rock don't they?