Thursday, May 03, 2007

Squirrel-proof bird feeder my fanny!

We have had an Old Yankee Squirrel proof bird feeder since Christmas (a gift) and have been congratulating ourselves that at last the squirrels have been outsmarted.
A little spring causes a door to slide shut on the bird seed if anything heavier than a bird lands on the feeder.
This morning Bernie called out "Look! The squirrels have figured out how eat at the bird feeder."
And indeed, by hanging upside down on to the wires surrounding the cylinder holding the feed, the little buggers can reach into the windows and stuff their little cheeks.

Alas. Oh well. The squirrels are awful cute.

You don't want to go any deeper on this blog post if you don't like snakes.

I am not kidding. Go do something else.

If you think you just want to read, but not see the pictures, I will put five ***** at the end of the writing part before the pictures start.

So this afternoon, just minutes ago really, Bernie and I were sitting in our living room after our walk, drinking some water, when suddenly Bernie YELLS "OH MY GOSH!! OH MY GOSH!!!"

I start yelling "WHAT IS IT???"


(Various sounds of horror from both of us.)


(Amazingly I off three shots before the snake drops to the ground.)

"Here, YOU take the pictures. Wait, let me get the video camera"

(I race to the closet for the camera, and hand it to Bernie who heads outside to film.)


(I run to the computer, putting in the search terms "Texas Water Moccosin" in Google images, knowing I am spelling it wrong and trusting Google to correct my spelling. I'm looking at snake pictures, then I run outside to look again at this monster slithering through my ferns.)

"I'm going to have to kill it."

"What kind is it?"

(We race back to the computer, and decide it is a Diamond Back Water Snake, a big snake that is thankfully non-venomous.)

"I'll capture it in the trash can and take it down to the woods."

(I stay inside.)

"Go get the lid to the trash can, I've got him."

(I take a peek...focusing on the head. Race back inside. Yup, it is a Diamond Back Water snake. Bernie caught the snake by its tail, put it alive in the trash can, then wheeled the trash can down the street, into the woods, and down by the lake where he released the snake. The snake was almost six feet long.)

Beware: Pictures below*****

Moral of the story:
You friggin' squirrels want to up the ante on the bird feeder?
Just you wait until you see the TEXAS version of squirrel proof!
With the exception of one tiny green grass snake and one small stripped garter snake, I have never seen a snake in our yard or in our immediate neighborhood.
If Bernie hadn't been home, I would have immediately gone to a hotel and called a real estate agent.
I still might.
The last few weeks the cats have periodically gone crazy at the window, meowing and looking really hard out at the ferns. I wonder if they were seeing the snake?


Lovella said...

. . you really don't want me to come visit do you?

Acutally, the snake is amazing. I can't get over the length of that thing. Those squirrels better look out. Not poisonous you say? So, they just eat whatever is in their way?

oh and what do you mean . .get the camera out of the closet?
My camera is slung around my neck 24/7. People think I have an odd jewelry style.

. . keep tiggie and hart inside. I don't want to hear that they have gone missing.

Anonymous said...

what a heart stopper !

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Lovella~I'm like you, the digital camera is on me at all times.
Why can't they come up with a way to make a digital camera look more like an accessory? Perhaps I can have it encrusted with diamonds once our "fortune" is won.
(Note to self: Buy lottery ticket, win and have diamonds set on digital camera.)
It was the video camera that was in the closet, the more powerful one than is on my digital. Watching B. tape the snake while I researched was something else...what if it was a venomous snake??? If it bit Bernie, then I would have two horrors: Getting him to the hospital and the snake would still possibly be in the yard!
(My dad corrected me on my last snake post that snakes are venomous, not poisonous. Thanks Dad!)

Lovella said...

perhaps you could come up with a camera that hides discreetly inside a plume on a hat. That would come in so handy for me. With my children groaning everytime I reach for my Cannon A 80 I would love to have something that would have a voice command . .something like. . that is nice dear.

Otis & Indee said...

we could be up there in a day or two. Maybe Uncle Scott could rustle us up some bowls .. .big bowls.