Sunday, April 29, 2007

Off to Denver!

Downtown Denver Hyatt...I like the textiles!
Bernie is here for a conference.
On Thursday he worked as a volunteer at a Children's Home doing some painting. Oprah Winfrey and some other organizations combined to upgrade both the grounds and interior of this old building.


Julie said...

Oprah and Vice President, my we do do move in high society, don't we!!! smile

I hope you have a wonderful time in Denver!! I wish I could come shopping with you , I love textiles too!

Lovella said...

Oh Jill,
how wonderful that you could be with Laura when she goes to her new assignment. I love the free housing and I'm sure it will be quite cozy once she gets some textiles in her space.

I really can't believe it was 4 days since the blizzard there. It looks positively spring like now.
Tell Bernie Hi, and good man for donating time at the Childrens home.

Have a wonderful time and travel home safely.

Demara From Yokoso~ said...

Man! You sure have been busy Jill!!! And in Denver? Wow! You have taken very lovely shadowy pictures...I too love the shadows...and your daughter looks like she's enjoying herself! Good For Her~

Thank-you so much for your prayers too!!!