Thursday, May 03, 2007

More fun in the library

Email in my inbox when I arrived at work today at 5 pm:


At 4:45 this afternoon, a female student reported to me that a man fitting the description of last year’s foot fetish guy was in the library. She reported that he lay on the ground and looked at her feet as well as her friend’s.

And she sat there while he did that????
Did kicking cross her mind????

Moving right hour later the skies outside are dark with heavy storm clouds.
I check the weather report on, and learn that we are under a tornado warning, and we should take cover immediately.

Now I am at a desk on the third floor of a building that is all glass. The weather service folks say to take cover now, and to stay away from windows.
My co-librarian and I consider our options.

I think we should just walk around and tell everyone in the library that we are under a tornado warning. They can decide what they want to do about it, and we will thereby be free of any liability that might come about if we don't inform everyone.

Meanwhile the sky is turning an ugly blackish green. The weather channel on the computer is stating that a tornado is very likely. My co-worker and I fan out through the two floors of the library.

Getting student's attention, I tell then we are under a tornado warning and that they should do whatever they feel comfortable with about that fact, and probably at the very least they should move away from the window.

I get polite thank you's and no one moves an inch.

Meanwhile the rain begins, the lightening begins, and downstairs on the first floor a girl lays back on an upholstered bench in front of the windows and her boyfriend drapes himself over her. We discover this when my co-worker asks what all the noise is about drifting up from the lobby. Our floor plan has open space in the front of the building from the ground floor up to our floor, so we are able to follow all conversations that occur in the lobby.

I guess if you want to have a romantic moment in a wild storm without getting rained on, this is as good as it gets.

Stay tuned....two and a half hours to go. Tornado warning is currently reduced to merely a watch.


Dawn said...

You have the BEST stories! Who says a librarian's life is boring???!?!?!?!

Lovella said...

I am so glad I have such a vivid imagination . . that together with your stories are the best.

I'm off to check the weather for your area.

Ladygrande said...

I am constantly amazed at young people's reactions (or non-actions) to advisories regarding storms (tornados included). Scaty!

And, regarding the conversation and draping of bodies - isn't anyone interested in privacy anymore?
Cellphone conversations are constantly invading my life regarding private moments of other people in whom I have no interest. We do learn things sometimes though. Even though we don't want to, and try to tune them out. I usually (being the rude person that I am) will look at them and ask them if they are talking to me. Ooops! I invaded their space.....Shame on me!

Onward! Have a super-duper weekend.

Lovella said...

Ah the comment gremlins again.

You do have fun at work don't you? One of our sons recieved a detention once for putting his arm around a girl in high school . PDA's are not anything to take lightly.
I guess as a librarian you are not given that amount of power. Too bad. Such fun you could have with that.

Laura said...

Just thought you might be interested to know we had rain. Yippee.