Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Denver: Laura's place

Fun is going to Ross and buying everything needed for a new apartment.
What colors do you want to do the bedroom in?
Let's see...this or that?
That. The blue and yellow quilt and a coordinating duvet cover.
OK. Now find pillows and a throw.
Down duvet.
(I love how cool and restful that blue and pale yellow looks for summer. Laura will be working three nights a week and will need a nice place to sleep during the days!)
Now for the kitchen.
Oh look, a cute red pots and pans set!
That settles it, the kitchen colors will be red.
Check out these fun towels!!!!
Gotta have a tea pot, and a neat red toile apron too...

Picking out dishes and silverware and glassware is a little harder.
The white will go with everything, and the set of four is $12.
The glasses have press on plastic words, how fun it is that?
And a set of four, $5.
Silverware...hmmm....this set will work.
Oh, and of course a vase for flowers.

Check this out!
A big piece of art for 99 cents!
Yeah, it has a little scuff or two, but who cares!
It's perfect!

Laura has been in San Diego for a year, and had her own furniture in her last apartment.
Most of her stuff she sold or put into storage.
So it has been a while since she got all new stuff...a whole year.

(How many ladies out there are thinking "Why can't I just go buy all new stuff every year???
What's stopping you?
It's fun, and you can always donate the items after a few months!)

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Lovella said...

Hey, I was just thrilled to bits to buy one new pot. (bread pot)

The blue and yellow is indeed a fresh look.

It would appear from Laura's kitchen T towel, she has plans to do a little entertaining.
It is good to be her.