Wednesday, May 02, 2007

More Denver and home again.

Each morning Bernie would head off to his conference, and we girls would head down for breakfast.
Barbara ordered oatmeal, and the bowl that was served for one person must have held three cups.
She never finished it...but it was good!

Laura had to report for hospital orientation, so Barbara and I walked over to the Brown Palace Hotel.
I got to stay there once on business a few years ago. The place is just so cool, antique and so historical.
If we would of had another day, we would have had tea there.

Once Laura got back, we went over to the Molly Brown house which is less than two miles from downtown Denver.
Margaret Brown, (AKA "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" of the Titanic fame, and the old movie by the same title) was a fascinating woman who was not at all like the character "Molly." Margaret was a very well educated woman, who traveled the globe and worked diligently to help the poor and needy of Denver.
She also worked very hard to get women the right to vote.
The Brown home on Pennsylvania Street was just one of their estates.
It is now a museum, and I enjoyed seeing how homes of the era looked.
Also reading a copy of her insurance claim list, that the Titanic went down with 14 of her hats, and 3 dozen of her gloves.
The woman loved hats, and was not the least shy about wearing some hats were fantastically huge!

Denver was quite warm most of the time we were there. On Tuesday afternoon it clouded up, and as I was being driven to the airport, Bernie called me to say the hotel had gotten quite a lot of hail. The sky was quite dark, and Denver proved its motto: If you don't like the weather, just wait an hour, it'll change.
(That is a very loose paraphrase! But oh so true!)

Back home the garden had a surprise for me: The gardenia bush had bloomed!
The moist humid Houston air felt good on my sinuses and skin.
And between the Jasmine and the gardenias....
Oh, how sweet it is to be home!


Lovella said...

Your mother-in-law is very beautiful. I did chuckle when I saw her big bowl of oatmeal. Her lovely skin gives me a continued desire to eat my bowl of oatmeal every morning.

It sure does look like you had a wonderful time together.

see you there! said...

Oh my goodness, Gardenias! A whole bush full of them. Aren't you lucky.


Anonymous said...

Grandma looks perfectly lovely! It is good to be able to check your blog from work...not that i'm suposed to, but that's a story for another day! Miss you so much and love you even more! Laura