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Friday, July 22, 2011

Take me out to the ball park.

Our three year old long tradition: Take in a Bee's Baseball game every summer.
This past Tuesday we had two-for-one tickets, the weather was perfect, and so off we went to once again settling in and enjoy the game, the ballpark food and of course the scenery.
We thought the view was terrific during the beginning of the game...

Then we were treated to an upgrade: A rainbow formed!

There is a new sign at the ball park which declares that all camera are prohibited.

I had to go back to our car to stow my DSLR; while I was jogging back to the gate I passed a guy hauling an enormous camera/lens set up with which it appeared he could be able to photograph the moons on distant planets in macro. I asked if he was a professional team photographer or the press or something?

Turned out he had simply called the team's front office and asked if he could bring a camera in, and by verbally promising not to sell any of his game photos was given permission.

Huh. Go figure. I will have to remember to make my own call the next time we come to watch a game.

Inside there didn't seem to be any lack of people snapping pictures with all sorts of pocket sized camera, so I just shot a couple with my camera phone, and sent out immediately to friends and family to enjoy. Send a couple to my blog too, to the blogger email address so you could get to see the pictures too.

Today is the anniversary of a very special day in my life: Thirty three years ago I became a mother for the very first time.

My beautiful baby girl emerged from my tummy blinking up at the surgical lights.

She immediately began scanning the space around us, her newly freed arms wobbling and she looked very amazed.

I wanted to hold her so much, but since my own arms were strapped down, all I could do was touch her hands with my finger tips until a nurse finally moved her closer.

I kissed her hands...and later learned that for the majority of first time mothers, that is often the initial contact that they make with their new born child.

We've shared lots of cuddles and hugs and kisses, laughter and tears, deep thinks and silly bits together since then. She has grown to be a woman I trust, respect, admire and call my hero.

Wish we could be together today Laura...I hear the water is warm back home and it would be just the thing to go surfing together to celebrate your day.

I know you will keep growing older (and better!) but you will forever and always be my baby girl in my heart.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Oh the horror!!!

I went for a walk to Temple Square yesterday.
Tate is expressing my feelings about what I saw just perfectly in the picture above.

This is what I saw there.


Oh come isn't even the middle of November yet.
Bitsy agrees. Christmas trees up NOW? That's just wrong. (Tongue out to say "Bleah".)
In other news: Bernie got his birthday rhubarb pie. I'll be his age in six month. He says 57 ain't so bad. I hope he is right.
Autumn is in full color downtown now. I've decided I want this kind of tree in our back yard when the time comes to replace our ash tree.
And the baby quails around the neighborhood are almost all grown up.
One quail has decided that scratching and pecking on the ground is a lot of work.
He just hops up on the bird feeder and helps himself while his siblings and parents are down below doing the traditional style quail seed foraging.
Nice to see genius at work isn't it?
That's about as exciting as it gets around here.
I am REFUSING to haul out the Christmas decorations just to liven things up!
Well, actually, there is one little bit of excitement to share.
(Aside from the goings on of the kittens...everything is exciting to them.)
I need a little more time to get to the place where I can share the news.
I think it is something that we all are going to enjoy here on the blog!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Candle-blowout day again....

How I spend April 14th in the past:
As a two year old in 1956
Age three in 1957-my dad's parent gave me the bunnies!
Age four in 1958
Ahhh...age 5!
It was the beginning year of the tradition of having little wooden angel candle holders on the cake.
Age six with a "Toni" perm and wearing my girl cousin Bonnie's hand me down dress.


1963...age 9
(Still wearing that same hand-me-down dress! Amazing isn't it?*)
1964-age 10, having a birthday party at the Rheinlandhaus German restaurant with friends.
I loved that dress with lavender and turquoise flowers and the bell sleeves made from a sheer fabric.

Age 11: Mom was taking a cake decorating class.
Notice the host of angels on the cake and my blue point Siamese cat Winnie looking on.
Age 12. These pictures are photos of my computer screen taken of the slide pictures that had been loaded onto a CD. Someday I'm hoping to buy a slide scanner and get better resolution.
Teen ager!
Age 14. Mom's cake artistry shows with the birthflower sweet peas decorating this cake.
Fifteen. I loved that knit dress and kept wearing it through college!
Sweet Sixteen...and only one candle for some reason.
My first birthday picture was a printed photo that I've posted before.
Aren't you glad I don't have FIFTY SIX pictures to blog share today?
(*I had girl cousins who were dressed identically by my aunt. Bonnie and Chris were two years apart in age, I was the only girl cousin younger than they were so I would get TWO of each of their dressy dresses. The dresses were usually quite beautiful, but it was quite odd to be wearing a "re-run" wardrobe every two years!)