Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Laura wasn't the only one....

A while back we need to get a new dish for the cat's kibbles.
The old divided bowl had cracked and part of the bowl had broken off, so it was time to get the boys something new.

I had NO idea there was so much to consider when buying a cat dish!

I settled on the bowl pictured above, mostly due to the fact that the wrapper informed me about a heart breaking situation that was occurring because of the shape of most feline food dishes.
I had been totally unaware of this kibble time nightmare.

According to the designer of the above food dish, cats were experiencing whisker problems with regular bowls.
The designer pointed out how difficult it was for cats to put their little muzzles into regular bowls without (sadly) bumping their whiskers during the eating process.

I'm laughing out loud as I type this.

I thought and still think that whisker bumping REALLY isn't that big of a problem for a cat.
I've seen my boys with their muzzles shoved into a small ice cream carton without any apparent discomfort whatsoever.
So a one inch deep bowl just didn't seem like that big of an issue to me.

But perhaps I was just insensitive.
After reading the literature attached to the little grey and orange FLAT cat dish, I decided that my cat's whiskers were special enough to warrant non-whisker bumping bowls.

(Plus the bowls didn't slide around easily. I saw that as a real bonus. Our boys routinely shove their cat dish into the middle of the kitchen if it isn't filled enough to suit their demands.)

Anyway, I blissfully went off to Denver, thinking that "Uncle Scott" would approve of my tender consideration of my cat's dining needs.

I was wrong.

"Uncle Scott" pointed out in a hand written note that apparently my taste in feline dinnerware left something to be desired.
He pointed out what I already knew, that our two boy cats chow down like pigs, making a huge mess as they toss back their kibbles.

To solve the problem, while politely citing a fear of insect invasions, "Uncle Scott" treated the boys to NEW CHINA!!!!


Now Laura and Tiggie and Hart ALL have new china!!!!

I'm going to make the boys write Uncle Scott a thank you note for their nice new food bowls with the cute little kitty cat paw prints and fish bone designs on the side.
And they are not to say ONE WORD about their whiskers being bumped.

And after that, we are going to start working on their table manners.
Even if they do eat on the floor.

Gosh Darn cats.

Even with these nice new bowls there are still kibbles everywhere after they eat.
I hope Uncle Scott didn't notice.
How embarrassing!

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Lovella said...

That Uncle Scott is nothing short of amazing. Who else but Uncle Scott would be concerned of a little mess and bugs and such.

You are right to have those boys sit down this very morning and thank him properly for his special attention to detail.

I would really appreciate a copy of the letter for our enjoyment.

Kathy said...

Ah - such care for cat bowls - both the inventer of the flat plate, and Uncle Scott. The china bowls are really classy - they better work on their manners the little furry friends!

Julie said...

If brushing their whiskers against their feeding bowl is the biggest problems your boys have ... I say they have a very pampered life!
And how many cats have an Uncle Scott to fill in where 'Mommy' falls short??? smile
Thanks for the chuckle!!
PS> I AM still waiting for the last chapter on your Hannah Dustin story -- I know you said you were finding it hard to put into words..but hey!! You promised!!!smile -- Hoping we would forget, were you???

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Furry friends, or fiends, depending. Hart will not leave us alone, now that we are back. Julie, I'm working on it, and most likely will post it on Mother's Day. Thanks for noticing!