Saturday, February 03, 2007

MN Wedding Journal: Rehearsal

The Bride's Room.

So cute!

It fascinated me that the ultra contemporary facility bowed to the traditional for this hard working space.

The furniture all looked antique, like well loved pieces from grandmother's house.
It looked like a cozy place to curl up with a cup of tea and a good friend for a nice long chat on the sofa.

The little dressing table was adorable, with a crystal dressing table set, lace and a tiny (wobbly) upholstered stool.
In another little room behind this table was a beauty parlor set up.
There was a shampoo sink with an indentation for the neck, a hard bonnet hair drier, a chair with lift and spin capacity, and a half wall of mirrors with make up lighting.

Cute, cute, cute!

It was the next day, as the bride stood getting laced into her dress, that she noticed one of the pink toile design was a girl milking a goat.

One of those whimsical things that makes you smile.

As charming and pretty and romantic and everything that this room was, let me just make a suggestion for those designing Bride's Rooms:

Once you add five bridesmaids, assorted mothers and grandmothers, hairdressers and photographers, crinoline petticoats, trains, makeup bags, clothing in bags, boots, steamers and water bottles, the Bride's Room gets a little tight, and very warm.

This bride's room connected to the very large (like 16 stalls) bathroom, which helped.

But what is really needed more than crystal dressing table sets and big puffy pillows is:
Hooks on the walls that are slightly higher than one's head, to keep trains off the ground.
More hooks to hold bags of assorted "stuff".
A mini refrigerator so an ice chest isn't needed.
More raised flat surfaces, so everything doesn't have to go on the floor
A step stool so the veil can be placed/fixed on the bride without her having to sit down.
A stall with a door so wide bell shaped dresses don't get crushed going in and out.

I've been in several Bride's Rooms in the heat of the wedding preparation battle, and have always been stuck with how cute they are, yet impractical in function.

Maybe if the bride and her attendants were all to arrive at the church ready to walk down the aisle these rooms would be perfect.
A space to retreat to while guest arrive.
A cozy space for a cup of tea and a final visit with your girlfriends.

Um, again, maybe this is just me...but I just can't see that happening!
Except maybe in a white lace and promises storyline dream.

The rehearsal.
I liked the chandeliers!
The rogue gallery "before" picture.

I loved the Chapel's white pews, and the soft color scheme.
On the side walls were old plaster Stations of the Cross hangings.

A very serene place.

A traditional feeling place, a perfect place for the more sentimental rituals of Christian life.

A perfect place for Andrea's wedding. Posted by Picasa

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Lovella said...

How can beauty be so annoyingly impractible? I can't quite imagine a wedding party of that size maintaining civility in cramped quarters?
You are perfectly right about all the things a bridal party REALLY needs. Ah well, she's married in spite of it all.
Can't wait for the wedding pictures, we do get to see the wedding pictures don't we? You and Laura the beautiful maiden together, that is what I'd like to see.