Saturday, February 03, 2007

MN Wedding Journal: Laura Fest continues...

Dead of winter, strapless gowns.
Why not?

It really is a beautiful dress.
When Laura was shopping for a bridal gown two summers ago, ruching was just starting to be seen.
We fell in love with the look.
Andrea shopped with Laura at that time and liked the look as well.
Isn't it a beautiful detail?
Of course, in this case, the model outshines the dress.
But that goes without saying.
(except, of course, that I just did...)
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Dawn said...

Lovely girl...and lovely dress..
It kind of makes me shiver..the strapless I sit before my PC on my flannels and monkey hoodie...trying to stay warm, with single digit temps outside..
no glam here..

Lovella said...

Oh Laura looks just lovely. I think that it is so perfect that both the bride and her maidens have similar themes of ruching. Ah to be young again, I would just like to try a dress like that on. But they would look at me like I was just a bit strange. What kind of story would I have to make up to try on gowns?