Saturday, February 03, 2007

MN wedding journal: Millinery

Someone (Ok, LOVELLA...) wanted to know what kind of hat I was going to wear to the wedding.
Answer: A marabou feathered teardrop hat.
I knew it would be very light and very warm.
Perfect for a cold winter's day.
(I even took a picture outside to prove how cold it looked! Brrr....)

I brought the cutest white beaded gloves too, but I left them in the hotel room at the last minute.
I suppose that is to be expected with us young women who have little sense of priority.
Imagine going out the door without my little beaded gloves!
At least I remembered my reading glasses.
Laura thought they looked cute.
She also encouraged me to add a BIGGER diamond pin to side of the hat. You can just see the two inch size diamond pin in the first photo.

Millinery notes: I bought a bridal tear drop satin covered hat base at the craft store, and stitched a marabou boa onto it, starting in the middle and working outward. Then I put a peach satin liner on the inside, and lace to cover the joint between the hat body and the lining. It does have an elastic jenny to wear under the hair, but I found it to be more secure to just use two bobby pins parallel to the edges, just slightly slipped over the edge and into the hair. The back of the hat does have a pearl hat pin to hold the hat at the slightly downward angle. This is an extremely easy project, using a ready made base frame, although it would be simple to create your own using buckram and millinery wire. It really is a very warm hat, and very light, and I think it would have been gorgeous in brown or cream on the bridesmaids. See next post for details!

Added fun: I was so pale compared to the Minneapolis ladies. They all had gotten themselves off to the tanning salon for the wedding, a practice I find barbaric after seeing skin cancer effects on complexions. I slathered on more make-up than I have worn in years, and still looked anemic. Us southern ladies (aka: hothouse flowers of the South) know how to avoid the sun.
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Lovella said...

You are so clever to keep your lovely skin. Those sun baked ladies will regret the tans they enjoyed today in a few more years.
oh I just love the hat pin, such a perfect touch to your sweet hat. Thank you for letting me see. Is wearing hats quite common in the south? I can't remember the last time I've seen a lady with hat here. It appears to be a lost art. So sad.
I inherited Terry's grandma's beaded gloves and this makes me want to dig them out and take a picture of them. . . later.

Jill's world of research, reaction, and millinery said...

Hat wearing IS becoming a lost art. Men (and some women) seem to have adopted baseball hats for round-the-clock wear, but style and personality expressed in millinery is a rare occurance.
New Orleans does have a lot of hat wearing women, and Houston has the Houston Hat Net, women who DO wear hats, plus college classes in millinery.