Saturday, February 03, 2007

Below what? update

It is eleven degrees below zero here.

Minneapolis has officially curtailed its Winter Carnival Torchlight parade scheduled for tonight.

The parade will be shortened to three blocks long, as the wind chill factor tonight is going to be about negative 30 degrees in the metro area.

And to be minus 45 degrees outside the city.

As I write this, Laura is driving to the present opening/morning after the wedding breakfast.

Yawn...can't those presents wait till after the honeymoon?

Not if the mom and mil have anything to say about it.
And they certainly did.
Say something about it, that is.

I feel so bad for the newlyweds, who probably didn't even get to the hotel much before midnight, and have to show up at this event at 8 am to keep peace.
I say: Make War on this one, and skip it, but it's really none of my business.
Good thing no one here knows about this blog ;->

Anyway, back to the weather.

Laura called me to report that the inside the car digital outside temperature display read minus 11 degrees.

She called back a few minutes later to say it had dropped to minus 13 degrees.

And that her fingers and ears hurt, and it hurt to breath.

I told her to wear a hat.
She said she didn't want to mess up her hair.
Hope she still has ears when she comes back. I really like her ears.
I'd hate it if they got so cold they froze and fell off.

Bet she'd wear a hat all the time if that happened.

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Lovella said...

I can't imagine, I've nver been is such fridgid temps, even hear in the great white north. Poor Laura, was she able to keep her ears then? No prade would be worth being that cold, did you go?