Saturday, February 03, 2007

Below what? update 2

Laura got back OK, and hit the sack.
I hit the keyboard, and was tempted to hit blogspot.

They sure have had a lot of problems and stuff to fix the last couple of day.

Ever heard the expression "I and nature are at one?"

Blogger and me are at two.

Meanwhile outside, Laura saw it go down to minus 16 degrees.
That DID NOT include figuring in wind chill.
She even took a picture of the tempurature display to prove it.

Right now outside it is minus 4 degrees F.

With a wind chill factor of minus 24 degrees F.

Oh, I've got to check this out.

So I put on my hat and gloves and boots and jacket.
And went outside to walk around in the snowy courtyard.
A square space surrounded by two story buildings.

Yeah, it's cold.
But not that awful.

Then I went back inside, and walked out to the unprotected parking lot in front of the building.

Where there was wind.

I now know what they mean when they say wind chill minus 24 degrees.

Man oh man, that HURTS!

I walked about twenty feet into the wind.
My nose felt like it was being knifed.

My eyes hurt.

My lungs felt sticky.

I thought I'd try staying just a little longer, thinking about the brave pioneer ancestors, and hearty people who live in this kind of weather each year.

And in my head I heard their voices:

"What, are you crazy or something? Go back inside!"


My nose still hurts.

And it's only 4 pm.

What happens with the temperatures when the sun goes down????

(Oh oh. I think I want to find out...I'm going to sneak out again later. Don't tell the ancestor voices in my head!)

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Lovella said...

What is that in Celsius? You have to talk Canadian to me eh?
I can't imagine. The biting wind is the worst. If the air is dry it isn't too bad but as soon as the wind kicks up from the north eastern here, we all pull up our collars, and put on our hats and gloves.
Don't go outside. If you don't post tomorrow you likely turned into an icicle.