Friday, February 09, 2007

Emily Sunshine...

Usually I don't bother reading our little local area paper, "The Tribune."
It serves simply to cover the news of our little townships of Kingwood, Atascocita, Huffman, Porter, New Caney and Humble.

I usually read The Houston Chronicle, the local newspaper that covers world news and all the "big stuff."
It has the comics too, so that makes it especially important in my world.

"The Tribune" had a picture on the front of Mike Wall, of Cowboy City Texas riding his horse in the Rodeo Days Parade over in Humble.

(For you non-local types, that town's name, "Humble" is pronounced "Umble."
The H is silent. Even when the word is being read aloud from the King James version of the Bible, it is pronounced here like they pronounce the name of the town.
I always have to suppress a giggle when they do that.
All of us with 'umble hearts know better than to laugh at the preacher.)

Now I've met Mike Wall.
He runs the cowboy church over in Atascocita.
His church meets in a barn with horses nickering outside, and the ranch dog sitting next to the preacher as he talks.
Everyone is wearing cowboy boots and cowboy hats while they worship because that is what they usually wear.
Nothing fake about it at all.

Anyway, I kept reading "The Tribune" and on the last page was the listing of local births.
I like reading those lists, not because I know anyone here who would have given birth recently, but because I always enjoy seeing what names are popular for babies.

Here in Kingwood, the name Madison is very popular name for girls.
So popular that at one event where mothers and daughters where being called up to receive prizes, we counted 18 Madisons before we got tired of counting.

Some of the names in today's list include:

Hayden Matthew
Brayden Don (not twins...different parents)
Valerie Sierra (my niece Sarah named her daughter Sierra. Try saying those two names outloud. Look for problems later when saying who the phone call is for.)
Anyia Josephina
Emma Grace
Grant Milus
Stacie Lea-Ann
Elaina Rae
Aaliyah Morgan
Colton Andrew, and twin brother Cody Allen (good cowboy names...)
Landon Elijah
Blake Evan
Courtney (no middle name, but it is also a very popular name around here)

My absolute favorite though, was this one:

"Haley Roderick and Eddie Roberts, of Huffman, welcomed 8 pound 5 ounce
Emily Sunshine Roberts
on January 15, 2007."

(Music swells in my mind as my favorite childhood Sunday School song, "Heavenly Sunshine," gets permanently altered.)

"Emily Sunshine
Emily Sunshine,
Flooding my soul with glory divine.
Emily Sunshine, Emily Sunshine
Hallelujah! Jesus is mine."

Wonder if her parent's would sing along.


Lovella said...

well I enjoyed singing the song from way back when. Our friends daughter named thier little girl . . Summer Ocean, quite cute. She really is a little bit of Summer when she is in the room. We picked out our second sons's name while I was in labor. Terry was reading the telephone book to pass the time and he came across Stuart. We had up until that point not been able to agree on a name, and then he said "Stuart" and I loved it. Even though I don't have a speck of English blood in me I love things from the UK, so I suppose Stuart would fit in with that idea.

Laura said...

I just love the name Laura Elizabeth. Suites me well! You did a wonderful job.

jessy said...

emily sunshine roberts is my neice!!! thank you for thinking her name is beautiful like we did!!!

sincerly, jessica roberts