Thursday, February 08, 2007

Add a St. to my name.

Patience is a virtue, and trials serve to develop character.

Given enough opportunity via trials and tribulations, I hear you might have your name bandied about in Rome.

They have a process there by which "sainthood" is conferred.

I think Blogger/Picassa should receive the Vatican's "Saint-making Seal of Approval" due to all the trials and tribulations that have been afflicted upon the lowly bloggers of this present age.

It's just that most afflicted bloggers use such shocking language as they post on the help pages.

Tsk tsk.

No St. for you!

I'm refraining from using words with vowels while expressing my frustration, to keep from accidental saltiness.

I use sound effects like:




Ch ch ch

(Lamaze breathing helps...)

Anyway, just to let you know, I am one-by-one attempting to reload the missing pictures on my blog.

You are welcome to flatter yourselves that I am so concerned about your visual entertainment and your intellectual enlightenment about Texas dentist offices that I am willing to go to the tedious trouble of posting pictures to one site, copying said picture's htlm, then opening Jill's World, logging in, and pasting html.

Over and over again.

But us St. types are honor bound to tell the truth.

I plan to eventually have each year of posts printed out in hard copy and bound for future generational um...(drat, that truth thing again...I want to say pleasure, but more likely it is...) boredom.

Red Xboxes just won't cut it.

It is bad enough that I have to always be watchful for grammar and spelling errors on each post so as not to alienate current readers.

I'm hopeful that future generations will continue to care about spelling and grammar, despite the failure of my current relentless battle with my own children to cease and desist from using such phrases as "Me and Erik" and "Me and them".

(All it took was public school for high school and bang, their private school grammar education was shot.)

Thank you all very much for letting me know when pictures are not displaying properly.

It really is an encouragement.
Please let me know about typos and errors too. I won't be offended at all!

I'll just correct the errors and not publish that comment, so it can stay a comment just between friends.


Your friend

St. Jill of the Laptop

(Who is gunning for the additional title of "Patron Saint of Electronic Blog Publishing")

PS: A quick check on Bernie's computer (different server) shows that now pictures that did show last night have gone AWOL again.
The Texas ironing board that I posted this morning does show for now.

I'll hold off on any additional attempts to re-do the missing pictures until all this electronic tomfoolery resolves.



Lovella said...

I've noticed on some sites, there are blogger awards and I'm shocked that there hasn't been one created for sainthood of the afflicted blogger. Why, anyone can blog a lovely piece when the mechanics have their full faculties can't they? . . but what of the computer sick and blogspot function deprived? I will certainly nominate you if I see something of that nature.
Now I'm a bit nervous about my posts. I've just realized that my high school education might lack in some grammatical finesse, so . . I've implemented my comment moderation and I'm trusting you my librarian and research friend to alert me about any grammatical faux pas and I will return the favour for you. On aanother note . .I started to print out all my posts and my kids said . ."why?" hrumph

Ladygrande said...

Very good!!! Love this blog of yours. St. Jill, it is!

Anonymous said...

I love the new color format!!! Happy St. Patties day! (OR St. Jillies Day!)

Lovella said...

i just wanted to tell you that you have added amusement into my day by template swapping. I've had those days as well and it can be a real zapper of my creative juices,
this comment isn't publish worthy. hmm, I'm thinking I should just give you my email adress . . it would be easier than commenting back and forth when its not publish worthy. :)