Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cocktails Anyone???

I have a dream...that once the 50's house is all pulled together, I can host a cocktail party there one evening.
You know the kind of cocktail party that I am talking about: one where the women all wear kicka** cocktail hats and everyone makes witty conversation over drinks.
(Non-alcoholic drinks would be made available for those who abstain from liquor, extra wittiness will be required from them however.)

For this event I see myself providing a nice selection of my cocktail hats to be worn by those who have never thought to acquire such a delightful item for themselves before.

In an effort to add a little reality to this vision, I recently added *yet another* such hat to my collection.

My usual model "Joan" is in storage right now, but real human person Kellie, our campus receptionist was game to model the hat for me.

Kellie is a treat to work with: she wears vintage designer fashions with such grace and confidence that most people just think that she has found fabulous modern items. She couldn't fool me though. You can't get that kind of style except in clothing from the past.
She's in her junior year at the University of Utah, and will become a commercial airline pilot.
Answer phones and taking messages is just a temporary gig...

The dark navy hat with the well known millinery label "Amy" has navy bead work that glow with rainbow irridescence and similar colored sequins that are wrapped with a bias silk strip is held on with two velvet covered side V shaped clips.
The veil is in perfect condition, and can be untied for full face coverage or just pushed back. Kellie found full face to be a bit claustrophobic. It is an option that takes some gutty determination to wear for long.
The Hat Diva sent me a link to see a vast collection of vintage hats...if this one hat leaves you wanting to see more, click here and here!
If it leaves you wanting to own one yourself, get moving to your local antique shop or ebay website.
They are out there, and I got this one for only $20!
(PS: I wore the hat just for fun at work for a moment. Put it on with a ski vest and slacks and turtleneck and headed down the hall to a full to the brim break room with probably 50 students roaming around. NO ONE even blinked an eye. And to think that people say they would feel self conscious in a hat!)


Lovella said...

Ah. . .Jill, just love your mid century post and the wit or word intermingled with the lure of the veiled cocktail hat. .
Count me in, I have never been to a cocktail party proper with the proper hat and all. . .this mid century Mennonite girl is IN.

Sara said...

Very chic....I must go click on that link and see more.

I'll gladly come but will need to borrow one of your many cocktail hats...

Have you noticed what similar shape faces and mouths Joan and Kelly have? They both look very self assured and lovely.

PhantomMinuet said...

Naturally, I shall have to pull out one of my cocktail hats in honor of the event.

Marg said...

I want to come to your party and I hope that your wonderful receptionist will be able to teach those of us from the rural areas, some fashion tips about vintage dress. She looks awesome and I love the hat....
Which hat would suit me? I have only worn tukes.
I would love the cocktails...Maybe we would need to be educated on those tail...Who will wear those??

Count me in!!!

Julie said...

Kellie is gorgeous and wears that hat like it belongs to her!

A cocktail party? Ohh.. I'll fly in with Lovella! I'd love to see your 50's house all freshly restored and I KNOW I would enjoy your view !

Ladygrande (Texas Marie) said...

I have just the hat!!!

Thanks for the links - oh, my goodness!!!! Got to get out my sinamay and get started again. I miss you and Kate!!

Ladygrande (Texas Marie) said...

Wait, Wait....I have to choose which hat now...After thinking about it, should I wear my 1934 red and black "Rosalind Russell" type perch/tilt hat, or the green and black 1940's cocktail hat....Choices, choices....

Vicki said...

I'm afraid that I'd have to borrow a hat. I love hats, but I've never figured out how to really wear one or what style would actually work for me. (I still have a terrible habit of pulling out one of Doc's old ball hats when I need a quick hair cover-up...)

Count me in for the cocktail party! It sounds like fun!