Saturday, February 28, 2009

Millinery: Brown Felt from Paris

Paris France brown felt hat body, millinery design by Frances Walter Nelkin, modeled on a Thursday afternoon in Salt Lake City Utah.

Kellie rocks the full face veil.
Jill experiments with artistic photo editing...

The felt hat is trimmed in brown grosgrain belting with coppery multi-faceted scattered bead work, and a line trim of picot beading.

The veil is removable. It is held in place via two pins at the back of the hat.
Like who wouldn't want to wear the veil on the hat when it looks that great?

Answer: People who are afraid other people would look at them. They think blending in better.

I say: Blending in is BORE-ING!
Especially when looking confident in a retro style is so much more interesting!
Yes, Kellie did just happened to be wearing a vintage black silk skirt on Thursday when I asked her if she'd model again.
Just another day at the office.
(I think she could blow away the crowd at Fashion Week, don't you?)


Vicki said...

The hat is cute, but Kellie is adorable! She makes an outstanding model, and I love her vintage clothing choice.

Sara said...

I think you have found a new model for your hats! She has real style.

And I love that hat - brown, of course, is my color.

Lovella said...

Uh huh. . .she could. Jill you have found just the funnest activity to keep you occupied at work. So fun to have someone appreiciate your love of millinery.

Cristina - madhatter wannabe said...

Beautiful hat, and very well modelled!

Lately I've been extremely put off by the general attitude of people toward hats, the classic "everyone is going to be looking at me" or "it looks great on you but I would never wear a hat" or "hats don't look good on me"...

Fortunately there are still a few devoted hat wearers.