Thursday, July 06, 2006

Millinery: Introducing my assistant "Joan".

She just arrived from ebayland yesterday.
Isn't she perfect? Her eyes are so life like, her eyelashes elegantly curled, her lipstick a fresh tulip pink. And her taste in eye shadow...turquoise and toast. Bliss!

I have been trying all my hats on her, a retrospective pasttime, with all the good vibes and enpowerment that I last felt as a girl child dressing up my dolly.

I remember the first doll I had as a child.

I named her "Joanie". I have no idea why she had that name. She had blue eyes that opened and closed, a soft stuffed plastic body, and wire-like red-brown longish hair, done ala "Lucy", curls as a bang and top notch, and the rest of the hair was long and ended in curls at her shoulders.
Joanie had a GREAT wardrobe, Grandma sewed swell stuff!
She even had a bonnet hat!

Assistant Joan is looking fine in all my hats. She looks sultry in cocktail hats, innocent in fabric hats, condescending in brims. Watch for her in future blogs...and possible modeling my hats on ebay!
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Ladygrande said...

Just think - I was almost ready to go home for the day and checked your blog. Have Joan model your "boudoir" hat --- loverly!