Friday, February 27, 2009


The mood swings around here are pretty dramatic these days.
Being civil takes extra effort, and every ordinary function like making coffee or getting dressed takes some determined effort.
(Not a window in the house currently has a shred of drapery for privacy...)

The kitchen cabinets are in...but not the floor, or doors or counter tops or sink.

Every light switch and outlet is without a plate cover.
(And how did they decide to use EVERY possible switch color and style in one row?)

The kitchen appliances still grace the living room, with lawn chair, bar stool and $5 teak chair find at the thrift store.

Oddly, guests are still welcomed when they drop by. And they do...we are meeting the neighbors one by one.

(You can still see the kitchen's original color in this shot in the book case in the background.)

The office is painted...baseboards still to go.
And the floor will be sanded and refinished too.

Master bedroom color has been decided via sample flat coat painting of a peachy coral.
Now a "real" layer in eggshell finish will be done.
And of course the floors and baseboard work, outlet covers,closet clothes pole etc...need to be done too

It took some doing to find the pink I wanted that would still be acceptable by my hubbie.

Lots of tries...and a swing through blue as well.
Upstairs bath: Needs the floor tile, doors, sink, toilet, tiles, light fixture, and of course, baseboard paint.

Guestroom: Atmospheric blue is a winner here. It feels like being in a tree house in there.
Sand/finish floor, baseboard, plates, light diffuser...still to go.

Stairs to the basement. Recap the treads and center carpet? Money/time is all we need.

Bob at least is still laughing. He is a good sport, the cat litter box and cat food stink in the unventilated room is no fun.
He will stay until after the 220 moving boxes arrive and get unloaded into this room.
Meanwhile I will need to find closet space for the boxes already here.
Too bad the closets are all being worked on right now..
Not even going to try to make the only completed living space look good.
The table under the window is our coffee pot area. The cereal and cups/spoons are in the cold storage area at the other end of the room, the milk and OJ are upstairs and out in the refrigerator in the garage.
Just getting coffee, juice and cereal pulled together each morning is quite a journey.

My eventual sewing room. Outside they (former owners) merrily piled up dirt against the unsealed wall. Naturally damp seeped in, and the paint blistered off the wall. It will take a special fix..not just a once over easy with Spackle affair.

The bathroom has a frosted window...good to change in. Right now the shower drips, and the cats like to drink water from in there. The drips also splash on the tile floor. Grrr...

The laundry room which is now simple a large sink that B. put in so we could wash paint brushes and cups and spoons and so forth. A folding clothes drying rack holds anything that needs to dry.
Some will be a cute room.
Some day.
Our 220 boxes arrive in 12 days.
I sure hope the contractor can pull all this stuff together before then and I can finish all the painting.
Boy do I ever sympathize with those folks who live in disaster areas long term.
And boy oh boy do I ever hope no one murders us in our sleep.
I would just die if the newspaper showed pictures of our house looking like this!
People would think we were crazy slobs or something.
Well, at least they would have the crazy part right.
Just plain old crazy all the time.


Lovella said...

yup. . .feel like I am reliving our reno. Living in the reno is no fun. At least you have a basement to hide in whilst the work is being completed. Reno jobs can make the meekest mildest mid life women chaotic . .. mind numbing helpless girls. .
Hang in there. .the colors are looking really nice. I thought that your bedroom coral pink looks similar to our bedroom. The look I kept looking for in that color was antique pink beige. . I knew it in my head and just had to keep looking until I found it.
I am so happy you let us have a peek at the unfinished stage. .

Vicki said...

Oh, I'm getting nervous. Although the kitchen and two baths need reno, we're just doing the kitchen - and maybe one bath - for now (not enough left over cash from the sale). If the kitchen is in the center of the house, and open to the great room and dining area, does that mean that we'll have construction debris everywhere? Should I be concerned?

On the bright side, at least you have made your selections (cabinetry, counters, tile, appliances) - I haven't even begun to narrow down the choices...uh, there actually is nothing selected to even choose from yet.