Sunday, October 12, 2008

A snowy autumn day/First snow

Hart's seeing his first snowfall. He decided it was a bit cold sitting there, and moved to couch moments later.
The snow fell all day, with flakes the size of nickles. The streets stay clear, but the trees and grasses were coated with white froth.
We went to church, then headed up into the mountains, hoping to see the aspen in snowfall.
My BGF Gail assures me that aspen turn golden and then drop their leaves just days later...and then the fall color is over. A chance to see snow fall upon aspen leaves is not always a seasonal given!

We stopped for brunch at Goldminer's Daughter's ski resort in Alta: it was their last brunch of the season.
From now on through ski season, people who stay get breakfast and dinner included, so no more open to the public brunches until spring time.
(The home baked bread was awesome, and I liked the seaweed salad as well. Another plate had the eggs and curried chicken, and I skipped all but a spoonful of the desserts. So tasty, but so filling!)

Down the canyon is the floor of Salt Lake City, with sunshine breaking through the clouds, highlighting blocks here and there.

Photographers were out with enormous cameras with lenses the size of telescopes. I think I want a SLR camera for long distance views too.

Back in town the snow still fell, and yet the flowers seemed unaffected by the storm.
We stopped and shopped at REI, trying to figure out what kind of gloves I should get, and what kind of winter coat. My black leather coat clearly isn't going to keep me warm all winter. I'm thinking a knee length down jacket...but want to shop around a bit more before I decide.
I did decide on one thing though: Warm gloves and plush fur lined crocs!
Oh yeah...toasty warm toes around the house, and maybe I'll even wear them to work.
Next we went for our weekly free massages, then we headed home to finish the Sunday with cozy cats, good books, snowfalling outside and church bells chiming in the distance.
A nice warm fire would be nice today too...but Tiggs is doing his part by supplying a steady background melody of purrs.
I think that is almost a good as a crackling fire, don't you?


Lin said...

Your Sunday sounds so different from ours. You have snow. We had a barbecue. The only thing is that we went to go to Lake Houston Park, but got to the gate and found out that it was closed due to hurricane damage. So we had to go to Jesse Jones Park. We had a great barbecue, but the trails are roped off because of the hurricane.

I wonder how long it will be before our parks are back to normal?

running wildly said...

I'd be out there with my SLR too! The scenery is unreal!!!!!!!!
From these here parts, I wish you a very Canadian Happy Thanksgiving, my blogger friend. Keep those two adorable cats warm by the fire.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a most enjoyable Sunday ............ they make some very nice portable electric fireplaces that throw off a lot of heat too! Would be great for your apartment, or for a room in your new house someday.
Sounds like your cats are purrrfectly happy in SLC too!
Lori T

Anonymous said...

You southern California kids are sure having fun with your first snow fall in SLC! The natives are probably saying, " darn, winter is starting early" and are missing the wonder and beauty of it all.
Love you, Mom D.

Lovella said...

Jill, the scenery is spectacular. . and what a gorgeous setting for brunch. It sounds like a wonderful drive and yes. . who needs a fireplace with the purring a cats and the sounds of church bells.. it already sounds just perfect.

Vicki said...

Fur-lined crocs!? I don't believe we'll find those here in Florida!

Beautiful scenery...and snow! I really like the snow that falls on trees, grass, and buildings, but leaves the streets alone. I've been dropping hints about an SLR camera, too. Somehow, I don't think I'll see anything pricey until we get that house sold.

Spooky said...

Hart, I think you were very wise to move away from that cold-looking perch. I think you and Tiggie should insist on a warm fire. Purring cats perched on warm hearths are the Cat's Meow, ya know.

Sara said...

Oooooh! I like your new blog design, and header too....and all these gorgeous photos of mountains and snow.

I was really blown away (no pun intended) by the golden aspen leaves in Colorado last year about this time...they were so beautiful. And they make tiny clapping sounds as the wind bends the branches and causes the hundreds of leaves to flip to and fro on their stems. Now and then a handful will fly off the tree and dance on the wind. I brought a few home and put 3 of them in my Bible to keep as a memento of that retreat.

Kate said...

Lovely! Can't wait to see what you do with an SLR camera.

I DO recommend a down coat and remember silk undies make a huge difference without adding bulk.

I took an ailing friend out for a drive in the Shenandoah this weekend too. Not quite peak color yet (certainly no snow) but still beautiful! I LOVE Virginia!
K Q:-)

Janitha said...

Oh my god. I can only say one thing; beautiful!