Monday, October 13, 2008

Like mother, like son

I used to garden a lot when my son and daughter were little. I had over 300 different kinds of flowers and plants in my garden back then.

The two of them seemed to enjoy the flowers and plants, but didn't really work with me much as I gardened.

Later Jeff had a Boy Scout project where he grew a vegetable patch. He did quite well at it, but it wasn't until he got his own place to live that the gardening gene seemed to really kick in.

Now I am just amazed at his garden. I had to take pictures of his autumn flowers before the frost set in over the weekend.

The dahlias above ranged from saucer to salad plate size, and you might recall that when I first arrived in SLC, I photographed a single dahlia opening over a few days time.
Now the dahlias are simply rioting!
I haven't asked, but I do hope they were covered and survived the snow storm and frost.
Of course I have to include a picture of my grandcat.
Meowsie is just amazing; I just love being a cat grammie! And the best part about it is he has never given me cold or anything like some grand children I hear do.
(winking at you know who you are...)

Out in Jeff's front yard the little tree is doing its best to look properly autumnal. This same tree was the backdrop of last Christmas' snow man.

For a little tree, it is doing up the seasonal colors just fine!


Vicki said...

Nice colors! I've always liked dahlias. It does make you proud when your child/children take an interest in gardening...or whatever you like doing!

Meowsie doesn't seem too impressed about anything...he seems to always wear a sneer on his furry little face!

Laura said...

Wow Momma! Jeff's Dahlias are stunning. Quite impressive. I will have to blog my "gardening endevors." Quite a contrast!
Great shots!
I miss my Meowsie!

Lovella said...

OH good job on the dahlia and the marigold pictures. Again. . .something that grows well here and there. Gardening is so good for the soul I'm glad that Jeff has taken after you in this way.
Oh, your meowsie. . so cute. There is nothing like a grand .. . .happy to see you.

running wildly said...

*wink* I'm one of those people who got sick from my petri dish of a son.

Happy gardening. You can do a little for you and a little for me because I don't do gardening. I seem to kill plants. Sigh.

Kate said...

Wow! Jeff's dahlias are astounding! I am having huge garden fantasies again - before closing even. Dreaming of the future is part of the fun of gardening isn't it? Visited a Lobelia this weekend hosting 100s of bees. Gorgeous blue! Putting that on my list along with a Virginia Persimmon.
K Q;-)

Sara said...

Beautiful colors. I like the last shot, of those gorgeous leaves, the best I think. But the flowers are very pretty too.