Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Statues are EVERYWHERE part IV (and we get snow!)

I've got to wonder if this is what the artist had in mind for this bit of public art:

Librarians often use the word READ as a motif...
I just had never thought of using the word as a bike rack!
(More bang for your tax payer buck, wouldn't you say?)

I giggled about the BOOKS part of the scupltural design.
Are the librarians just being bossy boots about reading books, and never you mind about reading blogs or newspapers or the back of cereal boxes!
Gorgeous building. Simply gorgeous.

The trolley/TRAX system has a stop in front (or is the back or is it the side??) of the library. Each stop has location related artwork; the library's is piles of books, some more neatly stacked than others.

I didn't get across the street to check out the titles of the book etched in the glass behind the seats. I'm hoping the titles are classics, or a bit tongue in cheek even.
As it is, the people waiting for their train sort of look like they have been placed on the shelves as well, waiting for someone to come along and check them out and enjoy their stories as well.
PS: The new header is of the Wasatch mountain range right after last weekends high altitutude snowfall. The yellow aspen blazed just below the snow line, and I could hardly keep my eyes on the road as I drove south to the Cottonwood area on Highway 15. Lucky for me, at the turn off there was a red light, and my sunroof was retracted to get a quick shot!
As I type this, I am awaiting our first in town snow fall. The temperature is at an appropriate 34 degrees, and all of us are snuggled in awaiting a touch of pre-winter wonderland.
Can't wait to see how the cats take to it!
Ten mintes later.....

Yup, we've got SNOW!!!
A bit blurry, but you can see how much is on the cars already. I must say it is nice to know that we won't be shoveling snow before church tomorrow: a "life in an apartment" perk for us! Plus our cars are parked in the underground garage to boot.
This apartment is amazing; we sit with sliding glass door open and watch the trees be whipped with wind, and the temperature is dropping, but it is still warm inside for us.
The apartment manager said that he has never had to turn on the heat in his own apartment; the place is just well insulated, and facing so the storms don't challenge the window.
Living in the heart of the city in an apartment is really a lot of fun!


Anonymous said...

Wow, snow in town already! We've had some on our mountain tops too, but none down below. There is something about being all snuggled indoors against the elements - but still watching them. Your new city just continues to amaze me with it's beauty - and how fortunate you are to live there! Have a wonderful weekend - where are you off to and what discoveries will you make?!
Lori T

Vicki said...

I love the new look and new header! Of course, the snow falling is nice to see, too.

I'm enjoying the mini-tours of SLC. I'm convinced that we'll definitely have to visit your "new" city someday!

Laura said...

Oh my poor, dear mother! The sky is falling!!!! Big, white fluffy chunks of the sky are falling down on you!!! Oh the horror! The horror!

Lovella said...

Oh fun. . .I'm so thrilled for your first snow fall in the town that you live in.
Oh boy .. I think you might be turning into apartment dwellers. so suits you, don't you think? There is nothing like a warm house and (do you have a fireplace). . if so. . a cozy fireplace to watch the snowfall.

Ladygrande (Texas Marie) said...

Time to get out those snow-bunny hats??