Saturday, April 05, 2008

Another walk, and a bit of Sweden.

Yesterday Laura and I were walking from the party in almost 80 degree weather. At six she left to run an errand, and 40 minutes later the temperature dropped almost twenty degrees to 61!

Brrr...a heavy jacket felt good when we went out for dinner.

This morning dawned gray and dull.

But by noon the sun was out and the woods were beckoning.

White thistle; the blooms are the size of my hand. I don't ever remember seeing white ones here before, but now they seem to be everywhere.

My favorite tree with a hole formation has re-leafed; I now have taken pictures of it with golden leaves and bare branched as well.

Tree bark, looking like it would just flake and fall off, like if it had been rolled in panko bread crumbs.

Overhead a hawk soared in the sunlight. The light coming through the wings was amazing; you could even see the feather patterns!

We've had a wonderful guest this weekend, Laura's friend Janitha.
Janitha is a Swede, and amused me greatly by pointing out that the bluebonnets were blooming along with lovely yellow flowers which she loved because it reminded her of the Swedish flag!
I had to take a picture of her in front of a bluebonnet patch in a neighbor's front yard. The other side of their front walk is bluebonnets with red roses and other red flowers; I have always commented at how patriotic the combination looks.
Guess "patriotic" colors aren't always the combination that you might think!
Laura and Janitha met when J. married the brother of one of Laura's old boyfriends out in San Diego. Recently Janitha and her husband moved to Dallas; now they are looking to move to Houston. She is a helicopter instructor!

Laura always said Janitha is sooo much fun; we are happy to discover that is a very true assessment. We'll be happy to have her come by anytime!


Lovella said...

Great pictures Jill.
It sounds like you are having some good old Canadian weather there. Temps drop quite quickly when we aren't looking. That though is quite drastic.

Your pics of your walk are lovely as usual. Enjoy your house guest ..

Elizabeth said...

A good healthy walk.
I liked the lake......
Blue and yellow can be charming together.

Vicki said...

Great photos, Jill. The one of the lake almost looks surreal.

We are currently getting a heavy downpour - it's raining by buckets...made for a harrowing drive from home to apartment this afternoon!

Sara said...

Another interesting walk, complete with a sun-enhanced hawk and a fun friend from all makes for a pleasant day.

Hmmmm....will we be viewing some photos taken from a helicopter one of these days?

Janitha said...

Thank you so much. I had so much fun with you guys. I will come over and make some swedish meatballs for you any time...