Monday, March 31, 2008

Just when you think there is nothing to blog about....

Some times you just can't think of anything to blog about.
Life is a little blah, the flowers are done in the garden, and projects aren't at a shareable stage.

You think "I'll just skip it today. I'm not in that great of a mood anyway."


You notice the cat is noticing something.

Something on the window screen is big and green....

A luna moth!

A close up of the eyes on the lower wing.
Don't the wings have a luscious texture?

My first shot...notice that the eyes are not yet revealed.

Yeah...THAT big!

If I'm going to put my finger next to it, it is time to break out those scary eyes to frighten me away.

That didn't work very well. Nice try though.

(If you click on the above picture you can also see the gorgeous antena on this moth!)

The top markings look like snake heads.
If you want to read more about luna moths click HERE to read an article.
Honestly, don't I have the coolest critters that come to visit our house?
(Special PS to Becky: The moth was on the outside of the window, not inside. How did you ever raise all those sons and yet be so squeamish anyway?)


lianaleslie said...

Oh, how beautiful that is! Thank you for sharing the pictures.

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Oh my goodness! They are incredibly beautiful! I have never seen one before...not sure if they are in my neck of the woods.

running wildly said...

Ok, that IS so cool! I totally understand how you feel you've got nothin' to say....and then viola, magic in the form of a beautiful green creature. Perfect.
Thanks for sharing.

Kathy said...

Incredible. It looks like it's made of brushed suede. Creative creator I say and thanks for posting the great shots Jill.

Vicki said...

I've always felt special when a luna moth decides to visit us for a while. They are so beautiful...and SO big!

I'm still digging through boxes. I feel as if I'm digging for buried treasure. I absolutely cannot locate a single drinking glass (wine, water, or otherwise), nor can I find any of Doc's sport coats (and yes, he should be wearing them to this new job!)!

Sara said...

What a beautiful critter....I've never seen one like that around here. Yes, he's much nicer than that bug Miss Kitty posted recently!

Lovella said...

Oh wow, what gorgeous pictures. The macro settting didn't let you down.
I could almost feel the velvet wings.

Suburbia said...

Wow an amazing moth. Frankly I'm petrified of them and we only get relitivly small ones here in the UK!

Anonymous said...

Hal and I were both amazed, neither of us has ever seen a Luna moth, to our recollection. Great pictures !! Thanks for sharing. Love, mom and dad S.

Gotta Garden said...

Very cool...and such clean and tidy nails! Beautiful pictures!

Before I forget...totally off topic (sorry)...I'm going to be in San Diego that latter part of May, I think...any good garden scoop you care to share? I'm going to try to visit an AHS Display Garden, but I'm up for suggestions. Thanks!

Kate said...

Beautiful! What a clever cat too to notice. Bet you'll find some millinery inspiration in those photos. Your close ups are awesome!
K Q:-)