Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Always and Forever: A California Girl

The Texas Bluebonnets are blooming gaily along the roadside here and I'm enjoying every cluster of blossoms. inner California girl had to have some of her own this year. When I spotted California poppies plants on sale in the nurseries last January, I swooped up a pot with a whoop and planted it next to the patio door.
Today it bloomed!

As a child I posed in a field of these golden poppies, a field like this one that went as far as the eye could see.

(Picture below was an award winner that I borrowed from here.)

When I grew up I bought the poppy seeds and scattered them in my California garden and enjoyed them happily year after year as re-seeded abundantly over and over again.

Our son planted the poppies in his small garden in Salt Lake City; I guess all of us exiled Californians need a touch of the Golden State's golden blossoms to remind us of home.

Next to the poppy a pansy smiles up with it's own cheery touch of gold.

The miniature roses are blooming too, despite being troubled by black spot.
Sheesh, roses always seem to bothered by something....

Geraniums always remind me of home as well; they riot in most people gardens and I enjoy their signature scent.

Another golden flower.

Just a few white blossoms remain on the azaleas. It always make me sad to see the flowers drop; it is a sure sign that the summer heat is soon to come.

Hart enjoys having a drink outside in the garden.
Sooo much better than the water in the dish INSIDE.
The birds are lively today and a chorus of bird song has been sung as I wrote this. I've got lists to attend to, and must get on with my day. It is time to stop lingering in my garden.


Vicki said...

I love the flowers! In central Tennessee, red poppies are planted in the medians...I'm not crazy about red, but they are breathtaking! All I've noticed in the medians around here (in our new location) is verbena in various colors. Boring!

It's already too dang hot here. I have just come in from a run to Target, Publix, and Panera - getting all the fixin's for this evening's beach picnic. I found the beach blanket and it's tumbling in the food, wine, wheeled cooler, glasses, corkscrew, camera, sunglasses, and blanket...oh, and beach chairs. What else do I need (besides Doc, of course!)?

Sara said...

Thanks for the little tour of your garden....many pretty colors. Miss Kitty prefers the outside water bowl too...wonder what that's about?

Lovella said...

wow, you have summer.
Oh the poppies are gorgeous.
For some reason or other I have a Beach boys song in my head now. . .and it's all about you.

Gotta Garden said...

Oh, but it's sooooo hard to leave the garden, isn't it? Stay a little longer...hehehe (just playing with you...causing a little trouble!).

Love the popppies! How wonderful to have flowers in your garden that are meaningful...that's what it's all about, I think. Some years back, I got this little packet of poppy seeds with an order as a bonus and I still get a few that reseed (which it were more). I eagerly look for the seedlings each year...about now, actually...hmmm.

Julie said...

I cannot see photos of poppies without being transported back to my childhood.. waiting for my Grandma's poppies to bloom and then finally offer their seed!

Your flowers are beautiful-- my favorite? the azaleaa garden spot !!