Friday, January 04, 2008

Eleventh day of Christmas

Eleven pipers piping...that's a lot of plumbers, or cake decorators or Scottish musician... or is it the faithful disciples?


Still cold here. Brrr. Yesterday I ran errands all over the town, shivering, and went to Barnes and Nobel Books in a quest to find a good book that will unlock the mysteries of Photoshop for me. It would have been a really good idea to have noted which version of Photoshop I own, as there are several and each book is specific to the version.

In a odd combination of events, in today's For Better or For Worse comic, the two older women are lamenting that they now have age and images issues beyond what a good night's sleep or a cream will rectify. The final square of the comic noted that the only sure fix is Photoshop.


While I was at the bookstore I scanned through a book on how not to look old by Charla Krupp.

The quick take:

Never wear holiday sweaters or you will look like an old lady (OL). At least I have given those up.

Never wear running shoes with jeans. OL. As I looked at the book I was wearing my jeans with running shoes. High waisted jeans at that...which was serious a no-no. (I don't want to hear a word out of you about this Lovella! )

Never wear flesh colored nylon. OL. Only patterned, opaque color or fishnets (flesh tone) look young. I love fishnets, but have you ever gone to a party and worn fishnets and had the skin on the soles of your feet destroyed? I have...ouch.

Never wear lipstick that is any shade other than pale pink. I understand that, but I still feel washed out in pale lipstick.

Only wear natural pink or beige nail color on the hands. Oh goodie, score one for me. Only because I chip nails so fast it just works better for me to skip the paint and just buff naturally.

Pants should never be higher than your hip bone, and thongs should be worn with the low cut pants. After three abdominal surgeries, all I can say is ouch. I wore low cut jeans and cords over Christmas to look younger; I should have just bent my tummy over a carving knife. Same feel, less cost.

As to thong panties:

Anyone who says I should wear a thong panties is gonna get hurt. Seriously hurt. I'm old enough to remember sanitary napkins held in place with a belt and a piece of shrapnel. It wasn't fun then, and pretty elastic and lace won't be enough to make it fun now.

Never wear penny loafers or flats. OL. Always wear heels, especially with your jeans. The author was around forty. Maybe younger. I want to see her talk about this in ten years. She says she always has THREE pairs of shoes with her: a low heel to walk to work, high heel for work, and stiletto heel for after work. She must drive her husband crazy. She is driving me crazy...who wants to hang out with someone who always hauls two extra pairs of shoes with her as she goes about her day?

Always wear bangs to look younger. And have hair that moves, and is longer. No dying hair dark. Got the longer and moving and no dying dark part down.

But the bangs part...ah...that caught me. The author had several pictures of celebrities with and without bangs, and yeah, everyone pictured did look younger with bangs.

I painfully grew my bangs out about three years ago. Hot flashes and Houston humidity were making my bangs look drippy/stringy all the time, and it felt cooler to have the hair off my forehead. I grew my hair long so I could whisk it up and out of my way when I was out and about. It worked for me in terms of comfort and ease, even while I have not been really 100% sold on the look.

I've got a very high forehead, and have always, ALWAYS worn bangs, so it took a lot for me to get used to seeing this big slab of face over my eyebrows.

Anyway, the book got me thinking. I had read about a free feature on the Marie Claire website where you can upload a picture and try on different hairstyles. You can change the hair style, flip it so the part can be on either side, raise the hairline and lower it, make the hair bigger or smaller, streak it, all kinds of fun stuff. Pick different hair colors, streaks, add different lip colors, lip shapes, eyeliners, mascara (best part! More mascara please...!!!) blusher colors and pattern.

The virtual hair salon is accessible here.
Registration is required; it is free, and they don't bug you either.

I had Bernie snap a couple of picture of me with my hair back and I was up and trying on hair styles in no time.
If only doing the morning hair and make up routine was as easy as this!

I'd be interested in hearing what you think of the options. Please vote and let me know!

View #1: My current look, hair tucked behind ear.
View #2: Shorter, side swept bangs.
View #3: Current look, hair not behind ear.
View #4: Layers with side swept bangs.
View #5: Straight bangs, side part.
View #6 Straight bangs, no glasses.
View #7: Shorter hair, side swept bangs, no glasses.
View #8: Hair pulled back, glasses (and no make up except mascara...I have got to learn photoshop!)
View #9: Hair pulled back, no glasses.
I also glanced through Victoria Magazine's Jan/Feb issue while I was at B&N. There was a quote in there that if you won't be bothered with sylish shoes then wear a great hat, or something to that effect. Sara, if you have the magazine handy, maybe you can quote it for me.
I'd ammend that statment to: If you don't want to be bothered with sylish shoes and or stylish hair...just wear a great hat.
Oh so true.
(PS: If you want to try this virtual hairstyle/blog/vote thing, just print out your hairstyles, and take a picture of the picture. Then just blog the picture!)


Lovella said...

Oh Jill, thank you for the comic relief. What a wonderful post. I couldn't see view 8 on account of blogger but I really did love view five (I think it was) with the bangs and side part and glasses. I thought that you looked considereably younger and it is a very chic look.
Still smiling.

Dawn said...

You had me laughing right out loud...several times on this one..
I do like views 5 and 6.
I think your present hairstyle is perfect for the hat diva that you are....
Forever in bangs,

Lovella said...

Oh I do agree with Dawn that your hairstyle now is perfect for hat wearing. I find that bangs can be in the way when I put on hats.
Oh and I saw 8 now too. Those glasses are great on you.
Forever in bangs,

Vicki said...

#5 resembles Diane Keaton and #6 resembles Chris Evert. Hmm.

This was fun, Jill! I sort of like the bangs, too. I definitely look better in bangs, but my thinning hair makes that a bit of a challenge. I may try this virtual hairstyle thing...of course, with the heat and humidity in Florida, I don't have many options since my hair is naturally curly and baby fine.

hallelshalom said...

And I think view #3 is the best of the whole bunch. You're already using the smarts God gave you to have the best look without the Marie Claire thing...and after it all I still think your current is best. Of course, you have always looked wonderful in hats. Hats rule!


running wildly said...

Ok, #2 and #7 are my favorite....emphasis on #2. I looked at you and thought, gosh she's so chic! The short blonde is just stunning. My goodness woman, would you ever turn heads even MORE than you do now. Throw a thong in the mix and you'll have stalkers. I love your glasses and I think you are such a classy gal. You are funny and peppy and I believe your hairstyle (emphasis on #2) could really accentuate that side of your personality.

But I do love your long locks, I myself being quite partial to the long hair. Best advice, do something that makes you feel sexy and peppy yet managable even if it's the same hair style you have now.

And I'm all for the thong. Hey, the next time you come out yonder to visit Lovella and I should throw you a lingerie party just for fun. Fish nets, 3 pairs of shoes and thongs to go around. Good times. I can provide the martinis. I make a mean cosmo.

Glorious Hats said...

WOW - choices, choices.

#2 is cute - but puts emphasis on mouth and chin and neck- looses the clear wonderful forehead.

#4 sexy, messy, arty - looks cool, but will you like the messy look? You seem clean, crisp, organized to me, so hair seems incongruent with that.

#5 to me this is best one with the shape of your face, lets all features look balanced --does look younger. How is the up keep on this one? Can you manage it? will the wispy ends stay wispy? And how will this work with hats? It will work with some, but not, I think, with some of the hat styles you seem to wear. Though probably good for an asymetrical beret. Oh OH and I bet it would be great with the pleated accordian straw hats.

(maybe you can learn photoshop by putting hats on these hairstyle models :) )

Have you thought of glasses that are a bit larger so the top of the glasses do not cut off your eyes? Your glasses are sleek and convey efficiency, this goes well with your current style.

When I was working and had more bucks - it was nice to have several pair of glasses. For me glasses, like hats, can convey different tones and moods.

I think you are beautiful in all the views. It depends on what you want to look like and how each makes you feel inside.

Also - about that book --- not so sure I buy into her ideas. If I tried those things, it would look and feel like an old woman trying to look young and would be much worse IMHO than the style I've developed for myself.

My opinion: Sometimes we women just need a change and you are at an age of looking back and forward, an age of re-establishing identity. You are an awesome woman, just let it show and say it in the way you want to say it.

Hugs, Jane

Sara said...

You are too funny!! Another falling-of-the-chair post. It really hit me when I got to the thong paragraph!

Here's your quote from Victoria Magazine: George Bernard Shaw commented, "If a woman rebels against high-heeled shoes, she should take care to do it in a very smart hat." And there's a photo of a very lovely hat and reference to the Louise Green Millinery.

Now, for the voting. I so agree with Vicki - when I saw #5 I immediately thought "Diane Keaton."
It does look very cute, but won't those bangs drive you crazy?

Personally, I like your current look best, your hair is nice and shiny and healthy looking and a good length.

Julie said...

If I HAVE to vote .. I'd probably settle on #2 but that is just voting on photos... I think whatever hairstyle you feel good in is the best !! and I see a person for who they are so whatever their hairstyle it is only the frame for the picture, which in your case is beautiful no matter what the frame !!

Anonymous said...

You can try this free website too :

Barbara said...

I think #5, the Dianne Keaton look, is good on you. I've been trying to grow out my bags on my chin-length bob (and grow my bob longer) but am now leaning toward getting those dang bangs trimmed. Thanks for sharing your samples!