Saturday, January 05, 2008

Beholding beauty: Epiphany's Eve

A few pictures taken between January 1 and January 5th.

Inside our front door looking out...I wondered who will pass through this door this year?

I always thought it would be neat to have a leaded front door. I still think it is wonderful.
And a tall red headed woman was the first person through the door this new year. That is considered to be bad luck in some cultures, but around here, we think it is a blessing!

I looked out the window at our Crepe Myrtle.
The beautiful graceful limbs remind me of the sculptured knees of the Pieta in Milan.
A knee ready to bend and run...the limbs are smooth and cool, yet have a texture like firm skin. I often run my hands over them, enjoying touching this tree that has so many guises throughout the year.
The camellia budded just before we left for SLC. I expected it would have bloomed by the time we returned; instead it has swollen only slightly in the past two weeks. I photographed it Friday morning.
Maybe it will fully bloom in time for Epiphany.
It rained a bit on Saturday. Two days ago it was freezing, and we brought in our potted plants. This morning it was warm and muggy out, and the rain drops lingered on every surface, trapped against the humid air.

Splashes of red still spangle the yard; the mostly bare trees have shed their colorful leaves, yet a few linger on in glory.
I would have missed this exuberant design had it fallen earlier when leaves were fluttering freely all over. I'm glad I got to see its unusual pattern.
A drop that stayed, and was admired, while others passed to the soil without notice.
A trip to Target for household supplies; how different the trip felt with Bernie gliding slowly beside my elbow.
Going three wheeling in Target: Not quite every man's dream. But oh so much insight was gained about life!
At the garden center I was disappointed in the selection of pansies and other winter plantings. As I wandered about I saw a young man seated amongst saplings, looking intently at the tiny plants.
I asked him what he was looking at, and he told me he was watching the caterpillars.
Monarch butterflies, still in earthbound form.
Their black antenna waved about as they nestled against the willowy branches.
A few chrysalis were found. I marveled at how the beautiful little form was anchored to the pottery with a fine silken threads.
How wonderful that our garden center leaves the caterpillars alone on their plants, letting them feed undisturbed.

I wonder if I will see them again fluttering by in the garden in the spring.
Late in the evening I rode my bike down to the end of our street to pick up our mail. The air was warm and a gentle breeze fluttered my hair as I rode through our quiet neighborhood. Overhead the stars were brilliant.
It was the last night of Christmas.
Somehow the lights that seemed so crazed to me at the end of November seemed peaceful and right to me now.
"Yes, it is still Christmas for a few more hours," I though.
Tomorrow we will celebrate a new shining forth, a new revelation, a new manifestation.
I hope there will be many moments of epiphany in the coming days for us all.


Lovella said...

Oh Jill,
Your pictures are spectacular. I really need to get outside and start doing some photography. You have given me the desire again to do that.
Oh Bernie. What can I say. Good for you to go to Target and ride around.
I wish we had Target.

Tommorow is Ephphany. Hmm. I need to look at that further.
Thanks Jill.

running wildly said...

Girl, you can take a MEAN photograph. Inspiring.

Vicki said...

Absolutely lovely post, Jill. Your photos are so amazing, especially of the caterpillars and the chrysalis. That a garden center would allow future butterflies to grow and develop is so wonderful!

Thanks for the peek at your day!

Glorious Hats said...

Thanks Jill! A beautiful beginning to the day and to 2008. Hugs. J

Julie said...

I LOVE the photo of the “drop that stayed “ !! and totally amazed at the Monarch butterfly’s caterpillar state !! It is wonderfully interesting !!

And Jill.. thank you for your comment on my last post!! I was so pleased to be confirmed by your ‘discernment’… Speaking of books.. I think a librarian is the perfect person to have book discussions on her blog !! I’ll go out and look for “Home to Harmony !”

Speaking of Epiphany !! We are out this evening celebrating Ukranian Christmas with Vic's extended family.

Sara said...

Beautiful photos, and all so varied: showing the endless variety of beauty before our eyes daily. Love the leaded window - and what's that about tall redheaded women coming through doors being bad luck in some cultures?

I've never seen a Monarch caterpillar before - and the water drop is wonderful. Very creative. Oh, and that tree with the smooth bark--I love trees like that. Sometimes they bark is wrinkled where they bend, just like a person's skin would be....

How does Bernie like being only three or four feet tall in that mobile chair? It must certainly provide a new perspective on things, I would imagine.

Sara said...

PS: I forgot to say two thing--I'm jealous that the stars shine so brilliantly there; I am star-deprived here in the brightly lit LA basin, and also,

I like your new blog design, but (maybe it's just my computer) the yellow links are very hard to read, they blend in with the background. Thought you'd want to know.