Saturday, January 05, 2008

12th day of Christmas....

Twelve drummers drumming?
Who on earth would want that?

Instead...since Laura has arrived and is settled in, we are having FUN!

Remember yesterday's "new look-a-thon"?
Several people really liked this look best.

So we tried several looks on Laura as well, and guess what?
I like that style on her best too!

The "add mascara" feature really played up her eyes...isn't she gorgeous?

Of course you KNOW what that led to.....

Sometimes a guy just wants to feel pretty.
(B. comment: "I would date her...")

Glam up little brother?
Why not!
Oh I always wondered what another daughter might look like.
But why stop there????
Yes, even Tiggie looks great in this hair style!
I haven't laughed this hard in months.
I just can't stop trying different hairstyles and make up patterns on my men folk and cats.
Need a post holiday let down lift?
I think this is it.
Big time.


Sara said...

Ouch! Ouch! My sides hurt from laughing so much! Tears are streaming from my eyes....

Farmgirl Cyn said...

I think your "daughter" looks mighty fine! And Tiggie gets a second look, too! How fun was that!???

Vicki said...

Methinks you are having far too much fun! I don't think Tiggie looks very happy at all.

This is great! I'm laughing soooo hard! You're right - Laura looks gorgeous. I think that hairstyle is equally flattering on your menfolk, too. heeheeheeeheeeeee...

Dawn said...

Oh Bernie, daaaah-ling!!!!
Too funny, Jill!!!!

running wildly said...

Oh Jill. The guffaws coming from this side of the screen....

I particularly like how Bernie said he'd date himself. AHAHAHAHAAHAAAA. It's like he's sayin, "Ya, I look hot and I know it!" Throw on a pair of heels on that boy and take him out on the town!

The photo of you reminds me of Diane Keaton. You look very much like her there.

So are you gonna do the hairstyle? Or is this just a tease?

And regarding 12 drummers drumming....well, you can come on over here and listen to one very enthusiastic 4 year old drumming on his god-forsaken drum set. Ya. Feel free to bring some extra ear plugs for me.

PS. When you get your hairstyle done we want lots of pictures..........with your thong.

running wildly said...

Ok, what's so funny is that after I wrote the first comment I went to your older post and read those comments. The Diane Keaton came shining through in other people's opinions too! HA! So I'm not alone.

Anonymous said...

ok, I have to say I definitely make a better guy than a girl. Dad isn't too easy on the eyes either. I like your and Laura's pic though. Especially the color of the hair in Laura's pic. Sounds like you guys are having fun.


Lovella said...

Laura looks just wonderful.
On Monday I'm going to do this excercise too. It's so fun.
Umm, Bernie and Jeff, you will be glad you know you don't make good cross dressers. Stand firm men.

Do you deliver fun?