Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sock it to me...

Dropping in on other people's blogs is so much fun.

The other day I was visiting total glitter junkie talented crafter Dawn, where in a burst of post birthday euphoria she had shared this picture:

She had teasingly subtitled the picture with these words:

"Another W-I-P...not rocket science to figure this one out. :0)

She was right about that; she had already tipped her hand by sharing that not just one, but TWO of her sons will be getting married soon. That of course means not one, but TWO Mother of the Groom dresses to sew for.

I figured out what she was up to right away:

If you have ever read her blog, you know how much she loves sock monkeys!
She makes them all the time!

Wouldn't this be just the most perfect Mother of the Groom dress ever?
I mean just look at is mostly beige.

Everyone knows Mothers of the Groom are supposed to wear beige, and shut up.

Wearing this dress, well, doesn't it just say "No, you shut up!"

Said of course with the playful inflection used by twentysomething girls as an exclamation of gleeful wonderment.

But hold on....remember, Dawn has not one, but TWO weddings to dress for.

The boys are non-identical twins. How cute to wear two dresses that are not quite the same, but still sorta are the same?

I let Dawn know that I was on to what she was up to.

She zinged back right away that she wanted to see me make a monkey hat.

Sadly, neither of my children are getting married any time soon, Dawn. They are not even dating seriously. It would just serve to make me feel even worse to be making a Mother of the Groom or a Mother of the Bride monkey hat when I know I don't as of yet have any reason to wear one.

Someday though...

For now, all I can really do is dream.


Lovella said...

Jill, this is just the funniest. Oh if only I would have had the good sense to wear these dresses for both of our sons weddings. No one would have been able to accuse me of trying to upstage the mother of the bride. Wear beige and shut up . . hee hee

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Too late for me, as I had a daughter get married this summer. Sock monkey dresses are more of an autumn or winter dress tho, don't you think? That simply would have been too hot for me.

ps...the 2 books are on hold for me at my library!

rachel said...

Jill, what a great spoof on my mom's post-a hoot! :oD