Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Reading levels.

Genius reading level blogwriter Lovella suggest I find out what exactly is the reading level of my blog.

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And I tell ya, like, it ain't been easy writing for that level of reader either?

You have to deliberately misspell words, throw in a few horrific sentence structures, and reign in on multi syllable word usage.

You know, just to write like how the kids in college write?

Sometimes you gotta wanna blend in with the college crowd.

Big shout out to all my co-workers at the college formerly known as North Harris Montgomery County Community College District.

Lone Star College librarians: I salute you!


So, with our new name, can we now drink this at the reference desk?

PS: After posting the above, I ran the test again.

Guess what?

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Maybe the machine liked the beer!


Lovella said...

You know what they say about Genius people right? Don't they say they are on the verge of being idiots?
What a kooky quiz. You must have had a moment of relief to see you were not at the elementary level.

Lovella said...

ummm . .did you retake the test after I left my comment?

If so . . try it once more . ..I retested mine again . .and yup, I'm still a genius. I think it comes from years of smart aleck remarks.