Monday, November 12, 2007

No particular rhyme or reason

Seen about the neighborhood this weekend:

A mushroom with a rosy red top above a pleated collar.
Teen age girls across the street apparently have admirers. Or at least people who notice them enough to want to festoon their home with toilet paper in the night.
Zinnias are visited by butterflies, unmindful of the fact that summer is long since over. (Hey, enough with the mid 80's and humidity already! It's getting close to Christmas, isn't it?)
White egrets elude my ability to capture their image up close.

And I continue to novel....


Vicki said...

Nice photos, Jill! I've never seen a mushroom like that one before.

Lovella said...

Very nice photos.
Thank you kindly for the tease. I recieved the email with the note where to start reading but you didn't send the manuscript.

But . . .you keep writing girl.


Ladygrande said...

Only in Texas! Zinnias and butterflies in November!

The mushroom would look good on a hat, don't you think?