Thursday, July 12, 2007

Speaking of L.G....

There is a Lo*ise Green hat on ebay on ebay right now (a couple actually.)
Starting bid on the one in the picture is $9.99.
No one has bid yet...could be a real steal!
It has the patented head sizing band, so it will fit everyone's head size.
I'd bid, but I already have two white hats in this look.
Check it out here, to see more pictures and to place a bid.

(About the *...just to keep it a secret from blog searchers!)
Let me know if you bid and win!


Laura said...

Oh no! Another blogsite that has caught the dreaded "*" virus! Dah-dauh-dummmmmmmm!!! Watchout folks!

Ladygrande said...

It's a good thing that is not one of my favorite LG designs. I like Jill's and Kate's better.

Lovella said...

SWEET . . .just love having our own personal researching hat friend. What fun.

Julie said...

I love the hat!! Beautiful!!