Sunday, July 08, 2007

Millinery outbreaks around the globe

I think something is going on...Kate in Switzerland and Cristina in Spain have both posted some FABULOUS new millinery creations.
This is good. This is VERY good.

Catch Kate's work here and Cristina's work here.
Kate recruited two young girls into millinery madness with a hat making party and Cristian gave some excellent tips on felt hat making.
Just click on their titles on their blogs and you can scroll to see those posts.

More good news: Including yours truly, there were four ladies in hats at church this morning.
I slid into the pew right next to a lady wearing an amazing Panama straw with black edging threaded through brass eyelets. The other two ladies were wearing brown straws with mid sized brims.
I was in my new grey number...take a look at the photo shoot below. (The silk sweater was belted with one of the long lace pieces from Switzerland. LOVE that!)

I'm also branching out on the Picasa picture editing tools. The black and white, sepia, and film grain tools are really fun. Big secret...if you don't like how you look in a picture, just switch over to sepia or black and white. Suddenly old and wrinkled looks arty cool.
Cheaper than plastic surgery!


Laura said...

Looking sharp! I love the black and white effect. Nice cleavage too.
Do you prefer felt or straw blocks? I imagine I would enjoy working with felt, but that has no basis.
Dad is very kind to take the pictures. I am guessing it is not Tigs taking the picture. I am sure that he and Hart are just busy shedding.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Tiggie and Hart were busy getting into every shot. I had to edit them out, as they just flopped down and looked bored, or were walking away, so all you could see was their backsides. Thank heaven for photo editing.
Straw is easier, and more practical here in Houston. If I move where there is snow, watch out...I'd love to block felt.
You'll get cleavage someday too my dear. Be on the lookout around age 45.

Ladygrande said...

Amazing put-togethers!
Four ladies in one church?!!
We are making progress, and I am sure you were the inspiration in your church.

Lovella said...

Laura, about your mom's last paragraph . .don't count on it. Of course you'd be inheriting her genes not mine.

Jill, you look so smart and put together. I love that on you. I'm thinking you should update your profile picture with one of these. It really looks great.

Big sigh about the ladies wearing hats in church. You must be a real trendsetter. The only hats I saw in church this weekend were ball caps. (don't worry I wasn't one of them).

Perhaps the trend will slowly move north.

You look just lovely and you didn't need the sepia to help . .really.

Sara said...

Tres chic! The black & white photo reminds me of a 1940's era portrait...I'm going to be on the lookout for hats at my church on Sunday, but not too hopeful. It is always so casual here....and I don't think I'm brave enough to start a trend, not yet anyway (smile).

About cleavage, if only it were the only "enhancement" to our physical beauty those of us in the "menomemno" era of our lives were graced with! Regrettably, the bounty tends to appear in other less desirable locations too.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed seeing the pics posted, then gained a new perspective after reading the comments to the posts. And, Alas, I am reminded of the difference between men and women. The pictures were beautiful and made me long to be with you...B