Monday, July 09, 2007

Oh Louise Green, sigh.....

Kate in Switzerland posted a Youtube video of one of our most favorite milliners, Louise Green (sigh....)

Louise Green's website can be accessed here. Click on the picture of the girl with the hat to see the rests of the collection.

The video is here.

It's about eight minutes long. Too short!
Love the music too.
And want ALL the hats.

Louise, you TOTALLY rock!


Lovella said...

well, you are right, she does have beautiful hats. In the video I'm sure I spotted my graduation hat from the 70's. I wondered where it had gone.

As I looked at the website and enlarged the photos, I thought I loved one, and then I clicked on another, and loved that one more. How do you begin to pick?

That would be quite the field trip to visit her studio.

Sara said...

Wow! The video totally absorbed my attention. I was watching every little move, while also noting those racks of hat forms and trims, the wooden blocks, etc. No wonder you sigh and drool! I think it would be fun to work there, actually, producing such beauty, surrounded by all those colors, fabrics, laces, beads...if you are ever here in the LA area, let me know; I'd love to visit there with someone who knows about hats.

I'm beginning to appreciate hats, thanks to your blog.

Also, thanks for playing the meme, I left a note for you over at Lovella's site.

Kate said...

Years ago when I was thrashing around looking for a new career after acting I read a book that advised something like, "If you cannot envision the job of your dreams, try imagining the environment that would make you want to leap out of bed and go to work each day." A room full of gorgeous fabrics, trims, ribbons etc. is what I dreamed. Years later I discovered I had it right in my own home. The power of dreams! The glory of hats! Who cares if they stare? It's envy.
K Q:-)

Laura said...

Sigh! I do adore a suited cloche!

Julie said...

That was great, Jill! I was so sorry the video was so short. But I was quite impressed with Louise Green, I think maybe she is almost as good at millinery as you!

Oh, how I love the clutter and color and endless 'stuff' of a creative workroom! I would love to spend a day in her factory.

I really wish hats would make a huge comeback. do you think they ever will? I know the fashion people tried a few times in my recent history but somehow it never really hit mainstream!
But if you persevere, Jill, in raising public awareness of the fashion beauty of hats, you may just get the trend moving single-handed!

Lovella said...

I love Julie's comment.

Demara said...

In response to Kate's comment: What would make me leap out of bed each morning??? it's definitely not fabric I know that!

But you know Jill that "you tube" video actually held my attention. I HAVE such a thirst for knowledge, I may not have a love for millinery endeavors like you do, BUT I JUST love learning.

Again back to Kate's comment do you think someone can be a student all of their life? I think that's what would make me leap out of bed...New things, or things I've never seen before, traveling to new places. Or learning new things. Is there such a job? I don't know.

I really thought the video was VERY well done! (I love watching things being made. That was my favorite part of my favorite show as a kid. AND my fav. show was: The A-Team)

Thanks Jill for teaching me how hats are made! And I replied your comment on my blog btw.