Friday, July 13, 2007

Millinery: Inspiration

I love this hat!
(Must make this hat...)
Don't know where I would wear this hat.
I'll figure that out later.
After I figure out where I am going to get three strands of pearls for my neck.
I already have the pearl earrings.
What I really need is a place to where to wear this hat.
Any suggestions?
Where would you wear this hat?
Happy Hat Day!
In case you are wondering, every day is hat day around here.
You should have known that!


Ladygrande said...

I love that hat! And, yes you should make it and wear it to church.

Lovella said...

First of all, if I looked like that woman, I would wear the hat everywhere. It is just so Casablanca feeling . .Probably the completely wrong era, but that is what came to mind.

I dream of being invited to a gala event, where the embossed invitation states formal wear and women must wear hats. Big sigh. I have a few vintage vogue patterns that I'd love to sew up and be a princess for a day.

I really think that is why being a bride is so much fun. I'd like to get married again . .to the same man . .but with my more mature taste. What did I know at 19?

I think my comment is longer than your post . ..

Julie said...

Jill, that hat is incredible!!
My first thought too was of a bride! but that limits it tooooo much!!
My suggestion is to wear it on your next 'trip' so your friends will recognize you and everyone else will think you must be a very famous or royal person and will stumble over each other trying to get your autograph!!
And someone would really HAVE to follow you around to take snapshots of people's expressions!!
I dare you!!! smile

Kate said...

Luscious! Yes, looks like a weddding (or second) hat to me. Any excuse, actually. Lovely!
K Q:-)

Cristina said...

I believe one owes it to oneself to wear a wonderful hat ALL THE TIME, for ANY occasion. So, if you're going to the market, you will look fabulous, if you're going to the dentist, you will look fabulous, and looking fabulous is something we owe to ourselves (no, I don't look fabulous all the time, but I should and it's on my shortime plans to make more hats and wear them all the time).