Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring time, flowers are everywhere!

It sure is springtime around here.

Even in the pharmacy there are flowers.

Take a closer look...aren't these the cutest pens? They brighten up the counter, and never "walk" away, and when they are not in use, they are plunged into a flower pot filled with clear green glass blobs, creating a satisfying slushy crunch sound.

Nice touch.

They don't have to do this sort of thing, but I appreciated it.
It made me smile to sign my name on the receipt using a pen with a bright flower bobbing on the end.

When I drove to work today, I couldn't believe how many flowers are now banking the road sides.

It looks like God came along with cans of spray paint, and just went crazy with blues, pinks, coral orange, and lavender.

Yippie! Bluebonnet Trails, here we come!
The whole state has marvelous roadways with wildflowers stretching seemingly endlessly along the edge.
(Mother Nature has a little help...Texas Department of Highways is funded to heavily seed the road sides each year.)

The real treasure is going down little dirt roads, where unexpected fields are in bloom, with horses and long horn cattle and old fences make for an old fashioned rustic country scene.

Anyway, what I really wanted to tell you was the two things that made me laugh today.

First, reading the following phrase in the paper:

"We're up to our knees in squirrels right now..."

The mental image just make me laugh out loud.

Better that the usual expression around these parts: "We're up to our a** in alligators." Although knowing alligators actually live in my tiny zip code puts a new spin on that one.

The second thing that made me laugh I heard as I was pushing a shopping cart around the store.

I overheard a man's voice announcing authoritatively to what sounded like a group of children:

"As long as we have marshmallows, we can get through the night."

I kept walking for about another minute and a half trying to imagine any situation that would make that statement reasonable.

It was useless; I had to go back and take a look at the guy who said that.

Turns out he was a Scout Master, and walking with him were several gangly young boys, clearly on a mission to shop for an upcoming Boy Scout camping trip.

You know something? He is absolutely right about those marshmallow and getting through the night!

"We're up to our knees in squirrels right now"


"As long as we have marshmallow, we can get through the night."

Should I cross stitch these, or needlepoint them?

I think I need to see these expressions EVERY day!

Update: Add another one. Maybe this is a moldy oldie, but in the neighborhood where I grew up several of the moms were so uptight that you could get your mouth washed out with soap for saying "darn", "heck" or "guy".

As far as those moms were concerned, those words just sounded too much like d*** and h*** and G-d.

Whoa, there's conservative for ya! If I had said what I just read...I'd probably be unable to talk, they would have blow torched my mouth clean!

Anyway, here it is. I just saw it on the cop's blog and it struck me as funny:

Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you!

(Maybe I just need to get out more....)


Becky said...

Loving the pen pot! Thinking that if I had just a few more days of my break, ... it would look lovely on my school desk!
Thanks for sharing the quotes. Who knew how squirrels and marshmallows could create such a funny smile on my face! You have a wonderfully quirky sense of humour!

Ladygrande said...

My sister has been doing these at the post office (she has been a window clerk for umpteen years). She also wanted make sure her pens didn't "walk off".

Anonymous said...

Now I know why the pharmasist remembered you and that you had been by yesterday. She gave me a funny look when she said she knew you..I enjoyed the funny flowered pen and definately didnt want to take it with me

Becky said...

I just couldn't resist! I found myself wandering through a dollar store, under the pretense of looking for props for our school musical, and locating the bright and tacky silk flowers! Low and behold they even had a pack of pens for only a dollar! Then, could they possibly have green tape? YES! Watching Oprah (I know, its a vice that I have when I am not working, and want to watch another world) I assembled 24 flower pens and plunked them in to my clay pot. Picture to be posted on my blog tomorrow. I really can hardly wait to place it on my school desk and have those tall, too cool, grade 12 guys ask to borrow a pen! :)

Vicki said...

Jill, thanks for making me laugh out loud! You are so funny! Thanks also for the tip about icing down my pansies (although it's too late this year).

I love the pen pots, too...what a great idea! However, I absolutely miss seeing the acres and acres of bluebonnets alongside the Texas highways. I lived in North Texas for several years and loved the bluebonnets, Indian paintbrushes, gaillardia, primroses, and maximilian sunflowers that blanketed the medians and roadsides.

The squirrel imagery made me laugh! Here in Central Florida, those alligators are all around us...and it's mating season, so they're beginning to roam where they aren't wanted!