Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Throwing my hat into the ring!

Ladies and gentlemen, I need your vote!

Please vote between:
Hat style #1
Hat style #2
(You are voting on the hat itself, not on the background)

Only one vote per person, please!

Above: Hat Style #1

Above: Different view of Hat Style #1

Above: Hat Style #2

Above: Another view of Hat Style #2

To see this yet un-named hat as it under went it's journey from capeline to bonnet, please visit the slide show here.
Mousing over the pictures will allow you to read a narrative about the making of this hat.

Additional photos of both styles are included in the slide show.

Remember to leave your vote as "your thought to share" before you leave!
And share a thought as well.

And thank you for your support!


Becky said...

I have admired this hat for a long time, and was delighted to see how it was created. Thanks! I think the black background shows off the shape and colour in a lovely way. The paler background appears to be too distracting. I would love to see you wearing it, sitting on that stump in your flower bed! :)

Meredith said...

Hi, I'm new here (to your blog) and I would like to say #1.

Becky said...

Hat style!! Yes, hmm... I still have to go with #1. It has character, not just droopy, in my very humble and limited opinion (which I have no trouble sharing with people!) Thanks for the clarification and letting me not look too daft out there in blog-land! Yes, hat style, ... Still would love to see it on you!

Dawn said...

Number one version has my vote!
What does Tiggie think?

Lovella said...

I will vote for Number 1. I am a lover of all things romantic. I would love to be able to be at a tea party wearing a hat with a gorgeous grape ribbon and a floral chiffon dress. I have some shoes some gloves and a little bag to match the ensemble.

blogger needs to figure out how we can post pictures in the comment field.

I agree with Becky, I would very much enjoy seeing you with the hat and the dress on, maybe for Easter?

Cristina said...

If I understand it correctly we're talking about two different trimmings for the same hat... is that it?
I have no doubt whatsoever that (as it is) #2 is the best. I like the effect of the cloth band being a little bit shorter, it makes it look much more smarter and it looks more finished.
If you prefer the longer look for the band (which could also work, but not as it is I think) I say you try to make the cloth meet under the flower trimming (as if there was a knot) instead of letting the front end just go down in an angle (am I making sense?).
Hope it helps, and very very lovely hat by the way... I'm jealous!!
The mad hatter wannabee

Anonymous said...

I vote for number one because you are my number one wearer of hats. I prefer the assymetrical shape and the sexiness of the lines. Thee, Thee, Thee

Ladygrande said...

Jill, Number 1 has my vote!

Anonymous said...

I vote #2~ but tell Dad to actually look at the hat first. He's a sweetheart though! Laura

Anonymous said...

I like both!