Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"In the Pink" with a friend

This hat is titled: "In the Pink."
Last summer I *suddenly* had an urge to make a pink hat.
I fashioned the ribbon flowers while I waited for Bernie to go through surgery, then recovery.
Ribbonry is a pleasant quiet past time.
And indeed, Bernie is back "In the Pink" today as well.

My "mentor" librarian buddy Virginia.
She showed me the ropes at the college when I first started there.
We used to ride the ref desk together on Monday nights.
Doesn't she look awesome?
Check out her complexion.
Brains and beauty.

(Of course we took our glasses off for these pictures. We librarians always take off our glasses for pictures!)

I must remember to ask her to tell me what her secret is having such great skin.

I'm seeing you in the pink, Virginia.
You: In the Pink!
You can read Virginia's blog is here!


Lovella said...

It's good to be in the pink.

It's wonderful to see you wearing the hat yourself for a change. I love your complexion a good deal more than those pretend ladies. (there is a name for them but it escapes me) You and your friend Virginia both actually have wonderful skin, Oh to be a southern girl.

Becky said...

By jove, I love the pink! And yes, do find out what she does to maintain such a clear complexion. It is radiant! The ribbon work looks very intricate and you have created a beautiful flower composition!

I have an appointment with my ophthalmologist in a couple of weeks and will be selecting a pair of elegant librarian glasses. So, please do show them off so I may know what is in style! I am dreadful at choosing glasses. Please do not shy away from pictures with glasses. There is a world out there that needs some directional style! Thanks!

Ladygrande said...

I love that hat! And it looks even more fabulous on its milliner.

Lovella said...

Jill, what a wonderful post. What a friend you are. I can't imagine going through cancer treatments but I tell you this . .if I ever do, Terry has your number.

I suppose the blogger gremlins ate yesterdays comment.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Hey Becky~ I'm in a phase where I love/hate my glasses. I got them so they would blend into my face colors (a pinky color), and they do, but they look blah. I used to wear the more scholarly looking black wire frames.

And I used to wear brown heavy plastic frames, the kind that the librarian always whips off when she tosses down her hair and turns in to a total vamp...but I wore Bernie out with all that vamping.

I wish I had a glasses fairy god mother who could figure this out.
I wish I wasn't into bifocals, I'd go back to contacts

Frank's Girl said...

You all have no idea how creative and just plain FUN Jill is to have around. Her mind spews out ideas so fast no one can capture them all. I tried once, and ended my quest in failure. (Remember the placemats, Jill?)

When it is time for Jill to come to work, we all watch out the window to see which of her many hats she will be wearing. One day as she walked into the library, we noticed she didn't have a hat on. Our first instinct was to find out how sick she was. Maybe she shouldn't be working today? Can't remember what the problem was, only know she was back "In the Pink" for her next tour of duty at the reference desk.