Thursday, July 06, 2006


My hero Erin McKean over at Dressaday gave a nod to
with Rowena's online dress pattern. AND...Rowena shared what to do with a big ol' "on sale for two bucks" plain tee shirt: Make it into a skirt.

That's right, just stretch out the collar, sew the sleeves closed, and slip that puppy on!
As Rowena put it: The pocket form a cowl-like shape at the hip (like i need more hip cowlage).

I used a XXL tee that was handily available, stretched the neck out, stitched the sleeves closed, ran an iron over the sucker and bob's your uncle, I had a new skirt just perfect for a quick trip to the post office, dry cleaners, and grocery store. The former breast pocket is the perfect size for parking my cell phone, and the side pockets were handy for sunglasses, keys and other "at the ready" stuff!

Unbelievably comfortable.

Rowena made her "shirt-skirt" from a bright green tee. Wonder how stripes would work? Or one with printing? I'd have to be careful what the shirt said in back, as it would be read right across the "beam".

Pictures are of the back and side.
In case you wonder: My waist is about 33 inches. Imagine how cute this would be on someone who successfully watched their weight!
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Ladygrande said...

I saw that! You are the mostest.....cute on you.